Jee Le Zara 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 28th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi feeling restless. Nani comes and asks, whether she is not getting sleep. Saanchi says no. Nani says she will apply the oil on her head. She tells Saanchi that dhruv is not well and has high fever. Saanchi says he will be alright. Nani says she make khichdi for him and will go to his house. Dilshaad asks Dhruv to take the medicine. Dhruv asks about Saanchi. Dilshaad asks him to take the medicine. Dhruv says he is sure that Saanchi will come. Nani comes and asks, about the person he is waiting for.Dhruv says he is waiting for his loved ones. Nani asks him to eat the khichdi. Dhruv says he don’t want to eat. Nani swears him to eat. Dhruv says he will have one spoon now.

Saanchi is in thoughts as she looks at Dhruv’s house. Advait asks why only a little

amount of Khichdi is prepared. nani says she prepared it for Dhruv and says he is very unwell. Saanchi gets up from the dinning table. Saanchi comes to Dhruv and makes him rest properly. Dhruv in a semiunconscious state tells her not to go. Saanchi says she is here with him. She take care of him and applies the cold water cloth on his forehead to lessen the fever, while the song dil kyun ye mere shor kare…….plays in the BG. She checks his temperature and is at his bedside. Dhruv takes her name. Saanchi says she is right here. Dhruv says he is lost without her. He asks for her hand, saanchi gives her hand. And sits beside him.

In the morning Dhruv wakes up and finds Saanchi sleeping. He gets surprised and happy. He kisses on her hand, Saanchi wakes up. dhruv tells her that she took care of him entire night and do she still thinks she doesn’t love him. Saanchi is quiet. Dhruv says he knows and tells her I love you too. Saanchi is about to go, Dhruv gives her clips which she forgot there. He asks her to return his heart while the title song plays. Dilshaad tells Saanchi that Dhruv is right and everyone are wrong. Saanchi says they are friends. Dilshaad says but she didn’t take care of him. Saanchi says she didn’t love him. Dilshaad says why you are clearing things. Saanchi leaves. Dilshaad asks Dhruv about his fever. Dhruv says he is happy being with Saanchi. Dilshaad blesses him. Saanchi recalls Dhruv’s and dilshaad’s words. She comes home, Nani asks, whether she went to see Dhruv? Saanchi says he is fine now. Nani says yesterday he didn’t take food and medicines. Aaji asks her to prepare tea. While she is making tea, she recalls Dhruv’s words. She gets hurt, Dhruv blows on her hand.

She sees him everywhere. And says she needs to get ready. Dhruv asks her to tie her hair. Dhruv says you are looking very beautiful. She turns around but doesn’t see him.

Dilshaad calls Saanchi and tells her that she got the call from the police station informing her that they got Dhruv’s wallet and asks her to identify the dead body. Saanchi is shocked and go to identify the dead body.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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