Jee Le Zara 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 28th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv calling Addu but his phone is switched off. Saanchi tells Dhruv that we will go and meet him. She tells Prachi that they will meet Addu once she gets well. Dhruv asks Saanchi to go to the Doctor for the allergy. Saanchi says, it will be alright. Prachi sees their love and gets emotional thinking about Sunil. Dhruv cheer her up. He says, we will take care of you. Suparna comes to Ankita and asks her not to feel bad about Dilshaad’s taunts. Ankita says, she said right. Saanchi have stolen my place in Dhruv’s life. Suparna says, there is a long life ahead and I will make sure to throw Saanchi out of the house. She asks her to dream about Dhruv.

Neena asks Saanchi, you didn’t listen to me? Suparna asks, what she has done? Neena says, I asked her not to

cook but she cooked really delicious food. I will get fat if I eats tasty food daily. Saanchi says, I likes to cook food.

Dilshaad says, I came today that Saanchi is also a wonderful housewife. Anway says, Saanchi is our allrounder. He tells Dilshaad that Saanchi is taking care of their business and is doing well than Dhruv. He says, infact Dhruv will retire soon. Everyone look shocked. Anway and Suparna laughs. Saanchi says, it is nothing like that. I can’t work like him. We are good as a team. We compliment each other. She says, I am thinking to spend time at home. Neena thanks her. She says, I got a daughter in you. Dilshaad tells Suparna, why you are quiet? Suparna says, someone should be listeners. Dilshaad asks her to be silent and enjoy. Suparna says, I am very much busy. People come here and go. I am so used to it. Neena says, Suparna does so much. She goes to charity function. Saanchi and Dhruv laughs.

Dhruv gets a call and he says we will meet in the office. Saanchi asks about it. Dhruv says, new client. In the morning, Sunil comes to meet Dhruv in his office. Dhruv asks him to sit. He asks, how are you? Sunil says, fine. Dhruv says, Prachi is at my home. We are family. Sunil asks him not to interfere. Sunil says, I let Prachi go as my mom is dominating.

He tells her that he is into family business but he doesn’t get salary but only pocket money. Dhruv says, I will talk to Saanchi. Sunil refuses to take her help. Dhruv says, I will give you a contract. He asks her to go ahead. He says, our wives are our responsibility. We have to manage home and office. They hug each other.

Doctor Agrawal comes home to check Prachi. She sees the reports. Prachi asks, can I become a mother again? My mom in law thinks I can’t be a mom. Doctor says, ofcourse you can. Don’t worry. You can have the advanced test done to confirm. You are not even 30 years. After 30 years, women have difficulty to conceive. Your age phase is right. She asks Saanchi not to take any tension. She tells Saanchi to tell Sunil’s mom that Prachi can become pregnant again. She asks Prachi to save the energy. Saanchi thanks her.
Dilshaad asks the Doctor to check Saanchi’s hand. Doctor says, it is an allergy. She writes test and lotion. Saanchi sits beside Prachi like a caring sister. She thinks of Doctor’s words and gets tensed. She thinks, can I become a mother? Shall I talk to Dhruv? Dilshaad comes and asks, what you are thinking? She asks her to talk to Dhruv about the baby. Saanchi says, Dhruv likes kids. I am scared, if we couldn’t start our family because of my age. Dilshaad asks her to think positively and talk to Dhruv today.

Saanchi tells Dhruv that Doctor told that everything is normal. Prachi can become a mother again. She tells about the complication in the 30 plus women. Dhruv says, let them enjoy the life. He says, Prachi is young. Give her time. Saanchi looks on.


Saanchi says, I am in a hurry for a child. Dhruv says, I am not even 30. I can’t take the responsibility of a kid now.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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