Jee Le Zara 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 27th March 2014 Written Update

Saachi is shocked to know that Prachi had a miscarriage and that her in-laws are blaming her for this and have thrown her out of the house. Neena tries to console her and ask her to talk to Prachi. Prachi says that she would first talk to Sunil. Saachi calls him but Sunil’s mom picks up the phone and she says that Prachi is very different from Saachi and not at all good like her. She says that it was Prachi’s own selfishness which made her take the child’s life and now doctors have also said that Prachi cannot concieve her so they have initiated divorce proceedings as Sunil is their own child. She also says that Sunil does not want to talk to her or on this matter. Saachi is broken.

When DV comes home, Saachi tells him everything. He consoles her and asks her to call

Prachi here so that they would first of all get a best gyane opinion on this matter. He asks Dilz also to come with Prachi as she can’t travel alone in this condition.

At breakfast table DV informs Saachi that she had already called Dilz and Prachi and they are on their way. Suparna fumes from inside. He then informs Saachi that the presentation was superb. Anvay says yes it was prepared by Saachi. DV says yeah he told this to clients and they wanted Saachi to work on next project. Anvay taunts that’s great and now Saachi should be sent to office to plan their business future, while they will sit home and plan breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

Prachi comes to Saachi’s home and breaks down. While Saachi and Dilz try to console her, Suparna and Anvay fume. Neena too tries to give her strength. Anvay says to Suparna don’t know when this drama would end. First brother came, now sister and friend. She will bring the whole family soon here. DV asks where’s their luggage and is a bit angry to learn that they have put up at a nearby hotel. When Saachi and Dilz cannot answer properly why, Suparna taunts that Prachi should stay here as this is her sister’s home. DV understands the reason for their staying at hotel, and says since he stayed at Panchgani for so many days, so this house is Prachi’s brother’s home. Neena takes Saachi aside and says that she knows that Saachi is afraid that they will be treated like Aadu and asks Saachi to let them stay here else she will feel that she had not forgiven them for Aadu’s issue. Saachi agrees and Neena asks Prachi and Dilz to stay with them only. Suparna and Anvay fume.

Ankita comes to meet them and Dilz is suspicious of her. She tries to rub Prachi’s wounds and says so what she cannot conceive, but adoption is always an option. Prachi gets upset and leaves from there and Dilz start taunting Ankita is right. Just like her marriage broke at the last moment, but she is not crying, so what its not DV, someone else will do. Ankita leaves in anger and Suparna asks Saachi what is this nonsense and Saachi replies back that the same nonsense which Ankita was just now doing with Prachi. She then also says that unknowingly she had let her take too many advantages of her, but not anymore

Precap: Dilz saying that she saw Saachi tensed when doctor was talking about age issue and Saachi says she is tensed what if they cannot have their own family because of her age. Dilz asks her to talk to DV.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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