Jee Le Zara 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 27th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi going to the charity function with Suparna in the car. She gets DV’s message that he got top project from his Dad. She gets happy. Suparna gets angry on Saanchi as she gave a water bottle to the poor boy. They come to the function and greet Neena’s friends. Suparna shows off her earrings. Saachi tells them about spending time with the orphaned kids while in Panchgani. Suparna asks her not to give more details. Saachi mingles with a girl and it doesn’t go well with the ladies. Suparna tells her that they have come to mingle with the ladies and not with the kids. She asks her to come with her. Saachi gets bored by the ladies rubbish talk. That girl Priyanka climbs on the ladder and gets scared. Saachi goes to help her. She explains her that one should

listens to heart. Priyanka asks, did you have pain in your leg. Saanchi says no. Priyanka asks her to remove the heels sandals. Saanchi removes the sandals.

Saanchi removes her sandals and jewellery and opens her hairs. Suparna feels insulted. Saanchi plays with the kids happily. Neena’s friends tells Suparna that the kids are a carriers of germs. Suparna says, she is a middle class. Trustee comes and tells Saanchi to go and sit with her friends. Saanchi says, I am enjoying here. Trustee says, these kids don’t know about money but they long for love. Suparna says, she is Yash Goel’s daughter in law. Trustee praises Saanchi. Suparna gets angry with Saanchi for playing with the kids. Saanchi says, we came for this kids naa. Suparna says, we came to do the charity here. Why you have don a jogan look. Saanchi says, I am comfortable in this look. Suparna says, you are Yash Goel’s bahu. Saanchi says, I have blisters on my foot. Suparna says, sometimes we have to bear. Saanchi says, I have to learn the customs of my family but I can’t.

Nani misses Prachi and Saanchi. Addu comes and says I am very happy today. He says, I got my result. I topped in my batch. He says, we will tell to Prachi first. Nani says, we will make sweets and then inform everyone. Nani gets happy.

Suparna waits for Dhruv. Dhruv comes. She tells him about Saanchi mingling with orphanage kids. She says, Saanchi doesn’t care about our family’s reputation. I am worried about her. She tells him everything. Dhruv feels insulted. Suparna says, Saanchi have to think about mom and dad’s reputation. Suparna smiles. Dhruv says I will talk to her.

He comes to the room. Saanchi says, I am ready to go on a romantic long drive. She asks DV, what happened? He asks, you tell me? You went to the charity function and was mingling with the kids. Saanchi says yes. It means Suparna bhabhi is right. Saanchi says yes but why you are behaving this way. Saanchi says, I was just playing with them. Dhruv gets angry at her. Saanchi says sorry.

Suparna tells Yash that Anway is working hard for the London deal. Yash says, I know but thinks Dhruv is best suited for it.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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