Jee Le Zara 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 26th March 2014 Written Update

Ankita comes and asks Saachi also to accompany to derby with her and Suparna. Ankita then starts explaining derby saying Saachi must not be knowing about it. Suparna says that what will Saachi do at a high profile event where there is more fashion than horse riding and Saachi says oh yeah just like at that charity function there was more gossip than charity. Neena quietly laughs at this and Suparna says that one has to socialize in their society. Neena says she has already created her place in DV’s life and this family and that is much more important. Ankita says but Saachi would get bored anyway as she must not be aware of all the betting and all, and Saachi says yes she does not know it but has done lot of horse riding before she took on the work responsibilities. Ankita says she has

done lot of horse riding on small cute horses in Shimla and Saachi says those are not horses but mules. Ankita and Suparna leave in embarrassment.

DV comes home tired with lots of work load and Saachi feeds him dinner while he goes on working. DV goes on working all night. Saachi brings coffee for him and finds DV tensed as his and market research data is not matching. She insists on having a look in the hope of possibly finding a solution. She points out that products with similar ingredients are eating into their product’s demand. Anvay overhears all this and is shocked when DV asks Saachi to accompany him to office. Suparna comes and tries to brainwash him that DV and Saachi will snatch away all his work from him.
DV finally manages to finish the work by 5 am and he then insists that Saachi join him in office. Saachi says that she is not sure if that would be the right decision.

At breakfast table DV asks Saachi to join him in office and Suparna and Anvay asks what’s the need? DV says since Saachi helped him so much, he is thinking of making her his official assistant. Anvay says whats the point of we men working so hard if our wives cannot chill. DV says but Saachi loves to work. Neena also says its a good idea, but Anvay refuses strictly saying that dad has never allowed the women of the house to work and so how can they make an exception in his absence. DV finally says that Saachi would assist him from home. DV and Anvay leave for office and Neena says if she wants to work with DV, then she should and that its a good idea.

At Panchgani, Nani and Ajji are talking when Prachi comes home crying. Saachi and Neena are viewing DV’s childhood photo album and have fun cracking jokes. Just then Saachi gets a call from Ajji who tells her that Prachi had a miscarriage. Saachi is shocked.

Precap: DV tells Anvay that clients were very happy to know that Saachi worked on the presentation and want her to work on next project. Anvay taunts that we both should sit at home and plan breakfast, lunch and dinner menu while Saachi would go to office and plan our future.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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