Jee Le Zara 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 26th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with DV and Saanchi coming back home late in the night. They get surprised to see everyone waiting for them. Yash scolds Dhruv for not attending the meeting. Dhruv asks, why you are upset? Yash says, you should be in the meeting. Dhruv asks, why you are overreacting? Yash asks him to go to room. Dhruv goes. Saanchi says sorry to Yash. She is about to go but Yash calls her name. Saanchi stops. Yash says, because of you DV couldn’t attend the meeting. You are elder and matured than him. You have to make him responsible and you are behaving like a teenager. It is disgusting. Saanchi feels bad and goes to her room. Anway and Suparna take pleasure of her insult.

Dhruv tells her that Dad should have speak with him rather than scolding. Saanchi says, he was

not wrong. He is angry and you went to Panchgani and ignored the meeting. She says, Papa wants you to be matured and responsible. Dhruv says, you mean to say I am not. Saanchi says you are but. She asks him to go to office daily. She says, I am your responsibility. If you get respect then only I will get respect. DV promises to go to office and work for her. Saanchi says, for us and says I love you. DV says I love you too……They hug each other.

Next morning, Saanchi wakes up and looks for DV. Dhruv comes and get romantic with her. He says, I am going to office. Saanchi says, I am not going to Panchgani as today is the special day of my husband.

Saanchi serves breakfast to Neena. Yash signs Saanchi not to serve him breakfast. Neena asks about DV. Yash says, he might be sleeping. DV comes and greets them. Everyone are happy to see him ready. Neena says, finally you are taking your career seriously. Dhruv says, it is time to be responsible. Anway says, I am very happy and lets see till when you will be enthusiastic to work. He tells Neena that Dhruv gets bored soon with the things and then leave it. Neena says enough. Anway says, wait and watch. Yash says, all of us know that DV is always been like this. Neena says, Saanchi is with him now to support and guide him. She says, behind every successful woman there is a woman and that woman is Saanchi and she will always support him. DV says, you are right. Yash says, wait and watch.

Saanchi tells Suparna that she will wait for DV at home. Suparna asks her to come for the charity event. Neena asks Saanchi to go with her. Dhruv calls Saanchi. Saanchi asks, what do you want? dhruv holds her romantically and asks for a good bye kiss. Saanchi asks him to leave her. Saanchi kisses him on his forehead. Dhruv says, we will go on a long drive in the night. Neena calls Dhruv. Suparna comes and asks Saanchi to get ready. She asks her to wear heavy saree and jewellery. Saanchi says, it is too much for charity function. Suparna says, I knew that this is new for you. She says, girl have to adapt herself to her husband’s home. She asks her to wear golden high heels.

Suparna picks Dhruv’s call and says she is getting ready. She says, we will teach her everything. Dhruv tells Yash not to sign the contract. He tells about the 56 and 58 clauses. He says, these clauses are not benefitted to us. Yash gets impressed by him. Yash asks Anway to give the deal papers to Dhruv. Anway looks shocked and annoyed.

Saanchi tells Dhruv that she is ready to go on a long drive. Dhruv gets angry at Saanchi for going to the charity function and playing with the orphaned kids.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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