Jee Le Zara 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 25th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shruti telling Isha that the man was her father Arvind. Isha scolds Shruti. Saanchi says, I might have done a mistake. I saw his photo only. Saanchi makes the kids understand that he might be someone else. Suparna says, I thought that Saanchi did something to the kids. Neena scolds Suparna and asks her to calm her mind. Saanchi is not convinced though. Isha calls Arvind but his phone is not connecting. Saanchi brings tea for Isha. Isha thanks her. Saanchi says, I can do anything for you. She asks, why you are tensed and asks her to share her problems. Isha says, I think you are misunderstanding the things. Saanchi prays for her wellness. I won’t tell this to anyone.

Dhruv comes and tells Saanchi that Arvindji did fraud of 150 crores and now he is running for

his life. Dhruv says, I will talk to Isha. Saanchi asks him not to talk to Isha. She says, we shall give her privacy. Dhruv says, I can’t keep quiet. Saanchi says, give her some time.

Shruti calls Arvind and tells him that Kids needs you. Dhruv shows her papers and asks, what is it? Isha reads the papers and is shocked. Saanchi comes and asks him to stop it. Neena comes and asks what is the matter? Saanchi says, it is a small misunderstanding. Isha says, Saanchi is insulting me now and then. Suparna says really. Anway asks, what did Saanchi do? Dhruv asks them to read the papers. Anway reads the papers and is shocked. Anway tells about the fraud. Dhruv says, jiju did the fraud of 150 crores. Didi lied to us that jiju is in Germany. He is actually a fraud. Isha looks tensed. Neena asks, is this true? Isha says, Dhruv is right? Arvind didn’t do the fraud. His consignment got rejected and that’s why he couldn’t give the money. Anway asks Isha not to cover up Arvind and asks her to stay with them. Isha says, I can’t leave him. Dhruv says, we can’t leave jiju in this situation. Anway says, my decision is final in Dad’s absence.

He asks Isha to stay there until the matter is resolved. Neena says, Anway is right. we are there to support you. Isha tells Saanchi, you didn’t do the right thing. Dhruv says, she cares for you.

Dhruv recalls Isha’s words about Saanchi. Saanchi comes and asks, what happened? She says, you are a good brother. Dhruv says, I am a bad husband. Saanchi says, they are our family. Dhruv says, they hold you responsible for everyone’s mistakes. Saanchi says, they love us. They need time to understands me. Dhruv says you are very sweet. I don’t want you to get insulted. Let’s go back to Panchgani. Saanchi says, I can’t be happy by separating you with your family. Dhruv says, I will be happy though. Dhruv says, you are too good. Saanchi replies, you are too good.

Saanchi comes to Isha and tries speaking to her. She says, I know why you are upset. I didn’t say anything to Dhruv. He is really worried about you. She apologizes to her on his behalf. I can understand your pain. Isha hugs her. She says, I am feeling relieved now. It is good that everyone knows it now. Saanchi says, everything will be fine. Dhruv looks at Saanchi and smiles.

Aaji calls Saanchi and informs her about Prachi’s miscarriage. Saanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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