Jee Le Zara 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 25th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Sanchi is still trying DVs number but no response! She rues that she sent the driver home..! She calls for Auto ..! DV tries Sanchis number but no response..! Sanchi keeps trying DVs number but both cant reach other! Anky and friends ask DV to enjoy the party..! DV says wonder why Sanchi is not picking up the calls.. think she is in some trouble..! Lemme go check! Anky n friends say.. she is gonna come.. n she is in the car. .so relax! Later Anky says let him go.. n DV leaves the party..! Anky smirks..!

DV comes home and notices Sanchi fast asleep.. ! He notices the scars on her feet and thinks.. this is why Sanchi culdn come to disc..! He applies meds on the scars…! Next day morning.. DVs mom comes to wake him up. n says theres some important meeting .. today.

.ur dad wants u to attend! DV asks if Sanchi left some note? His mom says no! She asks DV how Sanchi looked in western wear at the party? DV realizes Sanchi came to the disc ..!

Sanchi asks Aaji ..why they are going to Shirdi? Aaji says.. kept a mannat there so …want to go! Sanchi is unsure. .n Aaji n Nani says.. others are there too..! Sanchi relents! They go to pack the luggage! DV calls Sanchi .. n greets her.. but she is glum..! DV asks u came to disc . but din come inside? Sanchi says.. they din let me in ..coz u had entered with Anky.! DV asks why u din call n stops and says ..confusion..! Sanchi excuses herself n cuts the call..! DV throws the phone ..!

Pradeep comes and Sanchi takes his blessing! She offers tea to him..! She asks how r things? Pradeep says am a loser..! He says.. money lenders are constantly pressurising! Sanchi says am here.. will help out! Pradeep says.. ur our sole hope! Sanchi assures to help out! Pradeep asks to help out with a debt he has..! He begs her to help ..! Sanchi asks how much u want? Pradeep says 20 lacs..!

Part 2

Sanchi asks from where i will manage so much? Pradeep says.. DV can afford this! Sanchi says cant ask from DV.. i will help u .. but cant ask DV! Pradeep says.. came to ask for help .. whatever happened was coz of u ..if only u had agreed to sell the land! Aaji chides Pradeep. .n asks him to leave..! Pradeep fumes n walks off..! Sanchi is disturbed! Aaji says.. let him go.. u focus on ur work.. u need to go too..!

DV calls Anky n fumes on her… for the mess .. regarding entry! Anky says will apologize to Sanchi .. n DV says.. no need.. i will handle it! Anky smirks n says.. will give so many problems to u both. .that all fun will be over! DV is rushing out .. n his mom says have breakfast and go! DV says in a hurry ..! His mom reminds about the meeting n DV says.. tell dad i love him n runs off!

Nina is setting breakfast and Yash asks where is DV? Nina says. he is ready.. but..! Yash asks but? Nina says he went out..! Anvaye and Yash fume! Yash says its an important meeting n still? Nina says.. he will come!

Part 3

DV comes with a boquet n Sanchi asks who is it? DV says.. ur hubby . ..b.f.. lover.. ! Sanchi asks what is this? DV says a small garden to cheer u up! Sanchi asks why this? DV says to say sorry! Sanchi says.. not needed.. it was not ur fault! Sanchi says .. it was all bad luck..! DV asks then why u din leave a note? Sanchi says was getting late so! DV says .. missed u..! Sanchi says thank u … for applying the meds..! DV says .. just wanted to touch u! Nani asks what is going on? DV says getting jealous? Nani offers breakfast and says romance wont feed u..! Aaji says.. well house is garden so ..continue! Nani asks what happened? DV is about to answer n Sanchi says.. culdn have dinner together so …! Aaji says.. aww so cute! Nani says.. first fight after marriage is fun..! Aaji says.. dun be upset on small things.. ! Aaji-Nani bicker… ! SaRuv quietly leave..!

Yash gets call from client that they are about to reach the venue and Yash fumes that havent seen a more irresponsible person than DV! He tries DVs moby and SaRuv are busy enjoying while on the way to home..! BG – Gulabi..! SaRuv reach home …and Sanchi says.. todays day is the happiest day of my life… n DV says night is still left..! Sanchi says open the door … dun ring the bell .. all must be asleep..! DV opens the door and SaRuv enter to find Yash glaring at them!

Precap — Yash fumes on Sanchi n says.. DV din attend the meeting today just coz of u. .! He says.. DV is immature. .but ur mature.. older to him in age..! U run ur so called business.. u r supposed to put business sense in DV.. and ur acting like a teenager? Anvaye-Suparna smirk. . while Nina feels bad..! Sanchi is disturbed!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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