Jee Le Zara 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 24th October 2013 Written Update

Sanchi reaches office and Mugdha says that she has to go and Sanchi is worried how will she handle everything alone, just then Mugdha sees DV coming and says God has sent help for her, but Sanchi takes her to door and bolts the door on Mugdha. DV pleads with Sanchi to open the door as he has brought food for her since she had not eaten anything since morning. She does not open. DV asks her to open the door as it’s about to rain, but she does not. It starts raining and DV keeps standing there. Sanchi asks him to leave, but DV says he won’t go leaving her alone. Sanchi starts concentrating on her work and when looks up after a moment, she sees DV not there. She thinks he has left and thanks God. Just then electricity goes off. Sanchi is tensed. She looks around for something, just

when DV comes and before she could scream and holds her mouth. He then tells her that she might be strong but she isn’t a super-
woman and if he could come inside by jumping across her office wall, then so can anybody else who may not be a good guy like himself.

He then tells her that only a stubborn woman like her can come to work on this night. He then gives food to her, which she finally accepts. DV lights up the candles in the office. He then takes his shirt off and says he is removing it coz its wet, but what was she thinking They then sit down to work and DV plasters his mouth when Sanchi gives him cold looks. He sneezes and Sanchi brings coffee for him. DV says that he has another way of driving away sleep. He switches on the radio at his phone and the song Pal Pal Pal plays on the radio. DV and Sanchi get down to work silently with DV again plastering his mouth. They keep working despite getting tired.

Mugdha comes in morning and finds Sanchi asleep on her desk and DV on the floor with his mouth still plastered. She wakes both of them and asks DV why his mouth was taped. DV ignores her and asks Sanchi to go home now. Sanchi asks him to leave and that she would come later. He asks her that her health would be spoiled this way, but sneezes himself and Sanchi asks him to take care of his own health first. DV leaves and she thanks him and nips him in bud when he tries to do smart talk.

At Dilz’ home, Dilz sees that DV has fever. She asks him to rest and take medicine, but DV says that he would take medicine only when Sanchi comes to give him medicine. Dilz tries to reason with him, but he does not listen. Sanchi is busy at office when Dilz comes rushing to her telling him that DV is sick and is not taking medicine and only she can make him take medicine. Sanchi says she won’t and tries to tell her that she does not know what DV feels, when Dilz tells her that she knows everything and her blessings are with him and his love. She then goes on to ask what’s wrong with DV that she is rejecting him. He is so good and takes so much care for her and help her. Sanchi says that he is too young and immature, but Dilz says that no he isn’t as he always ignores all her tantrums and insults and keep coming back to her for his love. Sanchi says that she only knows that there is no match between her and DV. She says that she will call doctor for him who will take his care. But Dilz says that she does not know this Sanchi who is so unconcerned about the guy who has fallen sick because of her and leaves.

Precap: Sanchi having dinner and Nani informing that DV is so sick that he hasn’t even eaten anything nor has taken any medicine.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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