Jee Le Zara 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 24th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Suparna falling in the water. Everyone are shocked. Saanchi starts laughing. Anway helps Suparna to come out from the water. Suparna comes out and feels insulted. Dhruv and Saanchi laugh. Ankita asks, why did you do this? Saanchi laughs. She says, I didn’t do anything. Bhabhi was pushing me but she herself fell down. Everyone laughs. Dhruv says, happy holi. Suparna gets angry. She accuses Saanchi for pushing her. Dhruv says, she couldn’t do. Suparna says, she pushed me. Saanchi says, she herself slipped in water. Ankita says, I have seen with my own eyes that you pushed her. Yash scolds Neena for Saanchi’s drunkard state. Neena says, it was an accident. Suparna and Ankita eyes each other evilly.

In the night, Saanchi gets worried thinking what she has done

in the drunkard state. Saanchi says, she celebrated holi after her parents demise for the first time. Dhruv promises to fill her life with colors. Next morning, Saanchi and Dhruv comes to have breakfast. Yash scolds them and thanks them for insulting him. Saanchi says sorry. Dhruv says, you didn’t do anything wrong. Suparna says, she pushed me in the water. Dhruv says, Saanchi didn’t push you. Suparna says, Saanchi insulted Ankita. Dhruv says, she did the right thing. She showed her the place. Saanchi tells Yash that she didn’t drink thandai. Dhruv says, we eat dahi puri which bhabhi prepared. Suparna says, it was given to me by the servant.

Saanchi says, it might be someone’s trick. Yash tells Neena that he is going to US and asks her to pack his bags. He asks Dhruv to handle the office. Anway is shocked. He asks Anway to help him. Anway gets annoyed. Saanchi comes to Suparna and asks her to apply herbal skin cream. Suparna asks, what is it? Saanchi says, it is not my habit to do anything in hiding. I came to know that you made that Dahi Puri. She asks her not to find ways to trouble her. She says, I am quiet as I respect you. I can also stand for my self respect. Suparna determines to take revenge.

Dhruv and Saanchi get romantic. Isha’s kids comes and hugs them. They ask Dhruv to take them to have icecream. Dhruv asks Saanchi to take the kids. They are in the car. Saanchi is talking with Dhruv. Kids shouts papa papa. They say that they have seen their father. Saanchi says, he is in Germany. Saanchi looks at Arvind and says he is looking like him. Saanchi gets down from the car but misses him. She sits in the car again. They come back home. Isha’s kids start crying. Isha asks, what happened. They tell Neena that they have seen Papa but he didn’t see them. Neena says, he is not their papa. Isha says, Papa is in Germany. Kids say that he is their Papa. Isha shouts at the kids. And asks her to confirm with Saanchi. Saanchi tells Isha that he is Arvind jijaji. Kids are right.

Isha tells Neena that Saanchi is filling Dhruv ears against her. She says, Saanchi is making her life troublesome. Saanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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