Jee Le Zara 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 24th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi telling Dhruv that he is very close to her heart. Dhruv is happy with Saanchi’s romantic words. Saanchi asks him to miss her until she comes. Dhruv says, Love you jaan. She comes to Panchgani and recalls Dhruv. Jee Le Zara plays…………..Saanchi talks to her car Sher singh and asks, are you feeling lonely. Addu says, if you permit me then I can give company to sher singh. Saanchi refuses to give him Sher singh. Addu says, I am 18 years old now. Saanchi asks, when is your result? Addu says, next week. Saanchi says, I know you will fulfilled my dreams. Addu says, I want to take your responsibility of farms. Saanchi says, I want you to fulfilled your dream and become a pilot.

Aaji praises Addu and tells Saanchi that he has become responsible. Nani

asks about her family and DV. Saanchi says, he always talk about you. Mugdha comes. Saanchi says, I have to finish the work fast and go home. Nani says, we will prepare something for you. Mugdha shows the papers. Saanchi asks, why the orders didn’t deliver on time. Mugdha says, your sign was not there on the invoices that’s why. Saanchi says, I will come daily. Dhruv looks at their marriage photos and smiles. Anway asks, what are you doing. Dhruv lies. Anway asks him to attend the meeting. Dhruv says I will be there. He gets Saanchi’s call. Saanchi says, I left from here. Dhruv says, I am waiting.

Dhruv gets ready for the party and waits for Saanchi. Ankita comes and asks are you ready? Dhruv says, I am waiting for Saanchi. Ankita asks him to come with her. Dhruv says, I won’t come without my better half. Ankita insists. Dhruv says, let me wait. She calls Saanchi. Saanchi asks, how are you? Ankita says, you are asking after taking my life. Saanchi says, excuse me. Ankita says joking. She says, I want your permission to take Dhruv with me. Saanchi says no problem. Ankita asks her to talk with Dhruv. Dhruv says, I won’t go without you. Saanchi says, I will reach there soon. Dhruv refuses. Saanchi makes him agree. Dhruv says, after the party we will go on a romantic drive. Ankita is annoyed. He gives her a kiss on phone. Ankita asks him to come.

Saanchi gets ready for the party. Suparna comes and asks her to get ready well for the party. She does her loud make up. Saanchi leaves for the party. Dhruv waits for Saanchi at the night club. Everyone dance on the song Balam Pichkari……..Ankita dances with Dhruv. Saanchi rubs her extra make up and asks driver to go home. She comes to the night club. She is stopped outside. Saanchi tells that she came for Ankita’s party. He says, you can’t go inside and your name is not in the list. Someone asks Saanchi to enter with him as a couple. Saanchi calls Dhruv but he is busy in dancing.

Dhruv thinks to call Saanchi but Ankita doesn’t allow him to call Saanchi. One guy asks Saanchi to come with him. Saanchi slaps him hard. Guard asks Saanchi to call her husband. Saanchi says, his phone is not connecting. Saanchi leaves in an auto and keeps calling DV. Ankita is dancing with Dhruv.

Dhruv calls Saanchi and asks did you come to pub last night. Saanchi says yes but I was not allowed to enter. Dhruv says, then why didn’t you call me?.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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