Jee Le Zara 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sanchi asks Aaji why she is insisting? Aaji says she has decided..! She walks off! Sanchi goes after her but hears DV play the saxophone! She storms to the terrace and asks DV not to irritate her! She slams the door closed! DV realises that Sanchi is in bad mood! He keeps playing his saxophone! DV goes to buy flowers and Pradeep spots him! He taunts DV for still being here and if he is celebrating the defeat? He says thot he would have left by now! DV says keep smiling..this is the time. .coz in future u wont get this chance! Pradeep says chances are not earned..its created..and in my life have always created chances! DV says.. fine.. keep laufing .. ! Pradeep tells DV to keep the ticket of his exit ready ..and says Sanchi is dumb.. but think he is he better leave

..! He starts to leave! DV calls out to him and says.. one free advice to u.. next time u call Sanchi dumb ..dunno about heights..but u will find out the depths underneath the ground ur standing on.. till then keep laufing! Both walk in opposite directions!

DV comes and sees Dils busy checking out KarwaChauth vrat stuff! DV asks Dils why she is checking all this stuff out? Dils says.. keeping vrat! DV asks this is kept by married women! Dils says even single girls keep to get desired hubby! DV asks did she find this out? Dils says Prachi is keeping fast so Sanchi and me too are fasting! DV says who is Sanchi keeping fast for? Dils says keep Prachi company but who knows she mite get her desired mate! DV says Sanchis ideal mate is me..and i will break her fast! Dils asks how ?? DV says dunno ..but will do it for sure.. I will open Sanchis vrat!

Part 2

Its about 3.30 am. .alarm goes off..! Sanchi wakes up and asks Prachi to wake up too.. for Sargi! Prachi resists..but Sanchi forces her to wake up..! She says eat something or u will starve and i cant see u hungry! Anyways i will be hungry too! Prachi asks her to go and she will follow! Sanchi goes to open door and Dils comes..! Sanchi closes the door and DV stops her ..and says..what a smell ..feel like kissing the cooks hand! All are shocked to see DV! DV says .. the smell of parathas drew me here! Knew (Nani) u made it.. so can smell .on u! Nani says Sanchi made! DV says tough to touch her! All are sitting at the table and Sanchi is cooking! Prachi says stuck with this. .what if i dun keep the fast and they lie she did? Nani says this is an important fast.. and only lucky girls get to keep it..! Nani says its in respect of Queen Veeravati…and she narrates the story..! DV is impressed..! He says like that the Queen was zamane ki na parva karne wali! Sanchi coufs! DV says.. if in one year a dead is reinstated.. then a living can be made to agree? Nani says yes! DV says.. hope i get my love in this year! Nani says.. Sanchi has kept fast too! DV says.. pray for me and Sanchi! Sanchi is shocked! DV covers up saying and pray for Dils too! Nani asks to eat and DV says din get anything..! Nani makes Sanchi serve DV..! She turns to leave and DV grabs her hand..! Sanchi fumes..!

Part 3

DV asks Sanchi to sit! Sanchi says will eat later! DV says lets eat together! Dils smiles! Nani says eat first.. sit..! Finally Sanchi sits..! DV serves Sanchi..! She keeps fuming! Sanchi finishes her food and goes to kitchen! DV follows Sanchi..! He says Prachi wants Sunil to come early in the evening and i think i will come early too! Sanchi fumes! DV says u want me to stay back. i will …coz i will open ur fast! Sanchi says u are talking too much.. just two words.. GET OUT! DV says but i have three words to say.. that every boy says to a girl and girl to a boy..! Sanchi says Shut up..! DV says wont leave! Sanchi throws tea on DVs tee shirt and forces him out! She also sends Dils off! Sanchi says come in the evening Dils! DV says saying with leaving! DV says she looks more pretty in anger!

Aaji-Nani are preparing for KC vrat function..! Addu comes and says Prachi is sleeping ..! Nani asks Addu to let Sanchi sleep! Addu says she is ready to go to work! Nani says she is not going anywhere..she is gonna rest at home! Sanchi asks why? Nani says called Mehendi person.. its ur first vrat so..! Sanchi says wont go to work but no Mehendi.. only supporting Prachi! Nani asks what is the matter? Why is she so upset? Sanchi says nothing ..sorry..! She goes to her room! Aaji asks Nani what is the matter with Sanchi..? Why is she so irritable?

Sanchi is pacing on the terrace and recollects DVs confession of love ..! She looks at his balcony and then turns and sees that DV is right there..! He asks looking for me? Sanchi say what nonsense? DV says then who were u looking for at my balcony? Sanchi tries to leave and DV holds her hands! Sanchi asks to leave her hand! DV says came to discuss some work..! Sanchi tries to leave and DV grabs her arm and says.. want something from u..! Sanchi says will scream! DV says scream.. good for lungs! Sanchi fumes! DV says we gotta file case in High Court.. very few days left.. need ur sign to get duplicate papers..! Sanchi removes her hand from his and says wait downstairs.. coming..! She gives him the file and asks when will it be done? DV says.. as soon as she says yes! Sanchi says talking of papers and DV says eitherway..just say yes! Sanchi repeats the question and DV says 12 days! Sanchi asks and case filing? DV says.. will take its time.. ! Sanchi says bye DV..and DV smiles and leaves!

Precap — The ladies gather at Sanchis place and the exchange the Karva chauth thalis! Sanchi asks DV if he knows what is the meaning of KC? Who can open this vrat? Only a husband can! DV says know that.. and thats why i opened ur fast..! Sanchi is shocked..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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