Jee Le Zara 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 21st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv telling Dilshaad that her doubt is right but she don’t know what he knows. Dhruv says that Saanchi is very caring about him. Dilshaad says she thinks you as her friend. Dhruv says he knows that she really loves him but she is not aware of it. Dilshaad asks, what your parents will say if Saanchi agrees. Dhruv says they will get happy. Dilshaad says your parents will be tensed as the girl should always be younger than the guy. Dhruv says his parents will accept her as Saanchi is very loving. Dilshaad asks him to agree Saanchi first. Dhruv says he has already won her heart but she is unaware of her feelings. He asks her to see..

Saanchi is drying her clothes while talking on phone. Dhruv looks at her and smiles. Dhruv signs her hi.. She ignores him and

hides. Dhruv thinks you can’t stop me. Saanchi says he has troubled her. Dhruv comes home and smiles. Saanchi asks,what do you want? Dhruv asks her, whether she thought about his words. Saanchi says she don’t want to talk. Dhruv says ok.I will stand here and can stare at you for hours. Dhruv tells Nani that Saanchiji is not allowing him inside. Saanchi says to Nani that she is unwell and can’t talk much. Nani asks him to allow Dhruv. Dhruv tells Nani and Aaji that he came to learn the halwa for Dilshaad. He asks Aaji to show him. Dhruv asks Saanchi to show him. Nani and Aaji asks her to show him how to make halwa. Saanchi says she will give the recipe. Dhruv says recipe doesn’t have your personal touch.

Saanchi asks Dhruv to learn the making of halwa while she prepares. She tells him how to prepare. Dhruv tells Saanchi that it is smelling good. Saanchi says she is getting angry on him. Saanchi tells him to add water when the sooji is light brown. Dhruv asks her to add sugar. Saanchi says sugar must be added in the last. She tells Dhruv that she is tolerating him as she can’t tell aaji and nani about his saying. Dhruv tastes the halwa and says it is amazing. He praises the halwa. Advait comes and says he will taste too. Advait spit out as the halwa is salty. Nani and Aaji wonders why Dhruv had it. Dhruv says because Saanchi ji prepared it for him. Dhruv eats the halwa smilingly. Saanchi tastes the halwa and gets hiccups.

Prachi comes home and says she was taunted by her inlaws because of Rishi mama and now they want her to do the karwachauth vrat. She says she is quiet because of Sunil. Aaji and Saanchi asks her to keep the vrat. Prachi says she can’t be hungry all day long.

Saanchi tells Prachi that she will give her company and will keep the vrath. nani says unmarried girls too can keep the vrath. Saanchi says she is keeping the vrat for her. Dilshaad says she will also keep the vrath/fast. Prachi agrees. Saanchi gets the call from Mehta asking for the delivery. Saanchi says they needs time and his order will be deliver soon. Saanchi comes to the room and says we will deliver your order on time as we are searching for new farm land. She tells Aaji that she has to inform her clients. Aaji says she thought to sell the land. Aaji says they will get the sufficient money after selling the land. Saanchi says it is your son’s dream and you kept this dream safe all these years. Aaji says she is dreaming about her marriage and says this land will be sold. Saanchi says why you are adamant. Aaji says she is sure.

Dilshaad informs Dhruv that she has kept the fast as Saanchi is also keeping the fast. Dhruv asks Saanchi is keeping the vrath/fast for whom?Dilshaad says she is fasting to give company to Prachi and you never know if she gets a good guy. Dhruv says he is a ideal candidate for her and is determined to break her fast.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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