Jee Le Zara 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 21st February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Neena saying that it is good that you have come. Nani apologizes to Yash as she lied to him. Yash says, circumstances was different then. Aaji says, Saanchi is very lucky. Everyone are kind hearted. Dhruv says, you should come daily. Suprana says no no. She says, we will send food for them daily as Saanchi will be going to Panchgani. Aaji says, we couldn’t bring much gifts but my blessings are full. She praises for their kids values. Dilshaad tells Saanchi that Suparna seems different. Saanchi says, everything is fine here. Aaji says, we will leave now. Dhruv asks them to come soon. He says, I will enjoy the weekend with my girlfriends ( aaji and nani). Aaji asks Saanchi to take care of home. Saanchi hugs her and cries. She says, we are relieved to see you at

your house. They leaves.

Dhruv asks Saanchi to smile. He says, we can make this evening more romantic and cosy. Jee Le Zara plays…………..Suparna comes. Dhruv and Saanchi feel uncomfortable. Suparna asks Saanchi to come for shopping. Dhruv says, I will also come. Suparna says no. Dhruv says, okay. Saanchi says, I will change my dress and come.

Suparna takes Saanchi to her friend’s boutique. She asks her friend Laila to show some unique clothes to Saanchi. Saanchi likes one dress. Suparna asks Laila to show bright and heavy dress. Saanchi says, it is not my style. Suparna says, it is very nice. You have to wear this type of clothes as you are a new bride. Suparna smiles wickedly. Saanchi says, everything is costly. Suparna says, just see the clothes and not labels as you are Yash Goel’s daughter in law. Suparna selects the dress for Saanchi. Laila says, 1,75000 Rs for three dresses. Suparna says, so less. She asks Saanchi to pay the bill. Saanchi says, I can’t afford it. I don’t have money. Suparna says, you have to take the clothes. Laila says, money is not the problem. I will send the bill. Keep these dresses.

Saanchi comes home and is tensed. Dhruv asks her to give the trial of the dress. She says, I will return these dresses. I couldn’t refuse bhabhi and Laila. We don’t have this much money. We can’t afford. Dhruv says, I should have thought about it. He gives his card. Saanchi says, I can’t take your card. Dhruv says, whatever is mine is yours. You have the right on my earnings. Saanchi takes the card. She gets emotional and cries. She says, nobody took my responsibility before. Dhruv says, I am here. I will take your responsibilities.

Dhruv says, I will always be with you. Whatever is mine is yours and whatever is yours will be yours only. He tells that Ankita has thrown the party. Saanchi says, we will go. Dhruv says, don’t take stress. I know you will be tired. Saanchi says, we will go and have fun. He gets romantic. Suparna scolds Ankita for inviting Saanchi and Dhruv to the party. She asks, can you see them together? She asks her to make sure to crack their relation. Ankita says okay.

In the morning Dhruv wakes up and reads Saanchi note left by her. He reads the lovely note and smiles. He reads her another note. He is amazed to read her notes. He calls her. Saanchi tells him good morning jaan. Dhruv says, my jaan went to Panchgani, my good morning isn’t good. Saanchi asks him to have patience. Dhruv says, my wait should be fruitful. Jee Le Zara plays…………

Ankita calls Saanchi. Saanchi asks, how are you? She says, you are asking me after taking my life. Saanchi is surprised. Ankita says, I need your permission to take Dhruv to the night club.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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