Jee Le Zara 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 20th March 2014 Written Update

Saachi says sorry to DV and asks him to come to bed instead of sleeping on the couch, but DV pretends to be sleeping. Saachi brings a duvet for him and says I Love You, but DV keeps on sleeping. In the morning also DV does not wake up even when Saachi pulls open the curtains and plays a romantic song. She tickles him but he still remains angry

At holi everyone is worried why DV has not joined Holi celebrations. Suparna even teases Saachi that he is missing from his first holi while he used to be the life of Holi every year. DV meanwhile is worried about Isha and calls someone to give him all the details of Mr. Sanghvi’s case. Neena comes and asks him to join Holi celebrations. DV says he has too much work. Neena asks if there is some tension between him and Saachi and DV says nothing

like that. Neena asks him to come after work as this is Saachi’s first Holi. Ankita is happy that DV is not playing Holi with Saachi and says confidently that he will definitely play with herself.

Nani, Ajji and Deepali call DV to wish him Happy Holi. Ajji tells him that she had stopped playing Holi after her parents’ death and this is her first Holi, so he should colour her completely today. DV goes down and remembers Ajji’s words when she told him how Saachi’s life has been colourless before he had come into her life. DV calls out Saachi and picks Gulal in his fist and goes to her. Ankita gets jealous and picks some Gulal herself. DV runs towards Saachi and Ankita runs towards him. She throws Gulal at him, but he dunks and reaches Saachi. Ankita fumes in jealousy. DV applies Gulal to Saachi’s cheeks who then presses her cheeks to his, colouring them. While Neena is super happy, Ankita, Suparna, Anvay and Yash are fuming over their plans flopping once again. DV says they will not fight again as he can’t live without her. Saachi says even she can’t stay away from him. They hug and make up and then have fun during the Holi celebrations.

Suparna and Ankita are planning to do something to get rid of Saachi. Suparna thinks of using Bhaang to create an embarrassing situation for Saachi.

Precap: DV and Saachi both are Talli and dancing on Balam Pichkari while Yash is embarassed as he is standing with their new business partner.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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