Jee Le Zara 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 20th February 2014 Written Update

Dilz, Nani and Ajji have a scene with the watchman who then calls up at inside the house where Suparna asks him to make them wait outside and tells inside that there were people asking for donations. She also makes Saachi trip over a guest which makes the tea fall on her saree. She gets furious and scolds Neena for not training her. Outside Ajji is feeling sick in the sun and the watchman is not even bringing water for them. Inside Neena scolds the guest for misbehaving with Saachi and reminds her how nervous she herself was earlier.

Dilz starts shouting for Saachi and she comes outside with Neena and is she shocked. Neena shouts at security guard and asks why he did not let them inside immediately. The security guard says it was Suparna who asked him to do so. Suparna starts pretending

that she must have misheard. The other guests start gossiping about Saachi’s status and age while Suparna fake apologizes. When they come inside, Suparna does not let them sit with everyone and asks Saachi to take them to her room for resting. She then scolds the servant for trying to serve them in expensive crockery and asks him to serve them the left overs in cheap dishes.

Saachi takes care of Ajji and informs them that she is thinking of coming to Panchgani daily for some office work. Nani says we have already talked over this and that she has to cut off her ties from Panchgani and merge herself in her in-laws home.
When Saachi leaves, Nani and Ajji are wondering if these people will like the gifts that they have brought as they are too small. Dilz tries to convince them but they are scared.

When the guests leave, Neena scolds Suparna for making Nani, Ajji wait outside. Suparna tries to say that they too came without informing and Neena points out that Ankita also does not come after informing. Saachi apologizes to Neena about not being able to give time to their guests, and Suparna says she is planning to take her to shopping. She then fakes to go check on tea and snacks for them.

DV comes and is happy to see all of them there. Nani and Ajji try to know if he would mind Saachi’s daily updown and DV convinces them that he will be happy. He also notices them hiding gifts and manages to extract them out of their hands and also likes them.

Precap: Nani, Ajji meet Yash

Update Credit to: Bournville

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