Jee Le Zara 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 1st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi coming to the mandir. Pradeep and his wife Deepali sees them. Pradeep says that they met her in mandir. Saanchi says she wants his help. She says we have to fulfill our responsibility. Pradeep says unity doesn’t suit him. Saanchi informs him that Prachi’s marriage is fixed and invites them. Pradeep taunts her. Saanchi says she is inviting them. Pradeep says she is inviting them after inviting her neighbours. Pradeep says he is being insulted now and then. Deepali asks him not to say like this as they are relatives. Pradeep says ok, he will come. He again asks, whether she needs money. He asks whether she wants to sell her land. Saanchi says she arranged money for the wedding. Deepali asks Saanchi to tell her if she wants her help. Saanchi smiles.


informs Saanchi that the case date will be on 3rd, Saanchi says ok and asks him to call her. Dhruv comes there and says he wants to talk something important. Saanchi says she is going home now. Dhruv says ok, we will talk on the way.

Dhruv and Saanchi are heading towards home. Saanchi asks Dhruv, what he wants to say. Dhruv asks her about her case. Saanchi says she is tensed about Prachi’s marriage. Dhruv says Aaji and Nani are double tensed for the case and her. Saanchi asks whether Aaji and Nani sent him here to talk to her. Dhruv asks her to meet him. Saanchi asks who? Dhruv says Sunil’s mom brought some marriage proposal for his cousin. He says he is 45 years old and says he is uncle. He asks Saanchi to meet him. Saanchi says she don’t want to meet anyone. Dhruv says what he will say then to Aaji and Nani. Saanchi says she will speak with them. Saanchi go to her home. Dhruv thinks he thought to speak something else but said this. He wonders what has happened to him. Saanchi gets a call from the lawyer. Nani asks Dhruv, whether you talk with Saanchi. Dhruv says Saanchi didn’t agree. He says he have to work hard. He thinks Vishwas questions are worth thinking.

Advait pulls Prachi’s leg and jokes that she was also engage on phone. Prachi jokes on him as says he is always watching football. Aaji tells nani that Saanchi is not reacting as Dhruv meets with her. Nani asks Saanchi, whether he has come. Saanchi says she had met many people and says your wedding agent told me everything. Aaji asks will you meet him. Saanchi says ok, I will meet him. But don’t see any dreams. Aaji says we are hopeful that you may get marry tomorrow.

While Saanchi is busy in marriage preparations. She climps on the table and thinks to tie the flower chain. Dhruv comes and offers him lemon juice. He asks her to come inside as it is very hot. He asks her to get ready for the function as someone is coming to meet him. He says uncle is coming to meet you. Meanwhile someone throws the flowers on them mistakenly. Dhruv looks at her adorably while the Jee le zara title song plays in the BG.

Mehendi rituals begins for prachi. Nani and Aaji thinks they will make Saanchi apply the leftover mehendi of Prachi as it is believed myth that whoever applies the leftover mehendi of the bride, gets marry soon.

Saanchi asks Dhruv to come as Sunil’s family may come soon. She asks him to help her and Dilshaad. He can’t keep his eyes off her as she looks extremely beautiful in the outfit which he has chosen for her. Saanchi leaves from there and gets busy in work. Dhruv looks at her while the song Aankhon ki gustakhiya maaf ho……. He takes her photos. Saanchhi gets emotional, seeing Prachi. Dhruv gives her tissue. She says she will miss prachi. Dhruv asks her not to stop her tears. Advait informs them that Sunil family have come. Saanchi welcomes them.

Sunil’s mom says to Aaji that her cousin will come soon. Dilshaad and Advait stops Sunil from going towards Prachi. They tells him that he can’t meet her before marriage. Sunil’s mom asks him to apply mehendi on his hand. She sees Prachi and praises her.

Dhruv thinks he is not having answers but only questions at this moment. Saanchi goes to talk to the icecream supplier.

Dhruv asks Saanchi, what she is searching. He jokes and asks are you searching that uncle. Saanchi tells him that her earrings has fallen somewhere. Someone comes and gives it to her. Saanchi thanks him. He says it had fallen when you bump into me. Sunil’s mom greets him. She asks him whether he met Saanchi. He says he is meeting her. Sunil’s mom introduces her cousin Rishi to Saanchi. Dhruv gets tensed and taken aback. Rishi says so nice to meet you. Saanchi says same here.

Saanchi tells Dhruv that so much blood is coming out while bandaging his hand. He takes his hand and looks tensed…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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