Jee Le Zara 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 19th March 2014 Written Update

Ankita comes and says that how everyone had expected her and DV to be married as they have been together since childhood and also how media always looks for fairytale romances. She asks if Saachi is fine and Saachi says I am good.
DV goes to talk to Isha and asks why she had gone to meet lawyer Sanghvi and why his Jiju missing from work for 2 months. Isha gets angry at him and asks him not to interfere in her matters and tell this to Saachi too. DV returns to his room tensed and Saachi shows the newspaper to DV and asks how could the media make such a mistake. DV throws his anger on her and asks her not to take this seriously and also that its her fault that she was never with him in the party and was busy with others. Saachi asks how was it her fault and DV says that she did not even wear

the dresses he brought for her from London and instead draped her regular saree, so this was bound to happen. Saachi is shocked that DV is asking her all these questions when he liked her the way she was. She says this mistake did not happen because of these reasons, then why is he talking so immaturely. DV loses control at this and says if he is immature, then she can go and discuss with some mature person. He points out that she does not appreciate any of his actions, gifts, gestures and rather wears clothes which make her look older than him and then freaks out how media made such a mistake. He says he is not immature, he knows his age, but she is trying to be older than her age. Saachi gets upset that all this happened because of this age gap and finally DV loses his cool and says she is giving so much importance to this stupid article when they are being faced with a much bigger issue of Isha di and her husband as she is neither telling anything nor letting him find anything. Just then Neena comes and calls them for Holi Puja. Saachi and DV say they will just come. Saachi goes from there leaving DV fuming.

DV comes and asks his mom to begin the Puja. They start the Puja together taking rounds of the burning Holika. After DV and Saachi, Yash and Neena do the same and then Neena asks them to give the offerings to the pure fire and ask for their heartfelt wish. Saachi wishes for all the differences to be burnt in the fire so that they can be together like before. She opens her eyes but finds DV gone. She is worried while Suparna smiles evilly. Suparna asks Saachi where is DV and why there is so much tension between them on their very first festival. Saachi makes excuse that DV is busy and Suparna teases that is he more busy than even Anvay and Dad. Suparna says that be ready for Holi next day and though they don’t know if DV would be there or no, but they will make sure that her first holi in this house is good. Yash asks Neena to remember his challenge that this marriage will not last even 6 months as the evidence is already there on the very first festival. Neena asks Saachi to come inside. Everyone goes inside and then Saachi throws the newspaper in the fire and vows never to fight with DV again. She comes to their room and finds DV sleeping on the couch instead of bed. She goes and asks him to come on the bed and even says sorry to him. She says that all husband and wife have small issues, but why is he so upset.

Precap: Suparna asking Saachi why DV is missing from his first Holi when he does so much masti on each holi.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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