Jee Le Zara 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 19th February 2014 Written Update

Anvay taunts Saachi that the reception party expense was more than 25 lakhs and she ruined it by coming late. When Neena interrupts, Suparna sides with Anvay while Yash does not say anything and leaves for office.

Meanwhile, Saachi is talking to Mugdha and says she does not know when she would be able to come to Panchgani when DV overhears it and says she can go, if there is important work. He asks her to leave early morning and come by night. Saachi says that’s a good plan, but she would first take mom dad’s permission. Neena is confused about this as how Saachi will manage daily updown. She asks Yash for his opinion. Yash says, if she can manage, then she should definitely do it as they are not the kind of people who run their kids and DIL’s lives with a remote

control. They believe in letting them choose their paths as long as that path returns home. They thank them and leave from there and once they leave Yash asks Neena to prepare herself as DV’s marriage will break within 6 months since Saachi cannot give time to her husband and marriage. Neena asks why he didnt stop them then, Yash remarks he let them chose their path. its their fault that they chose the path for destruction.

Next morning Saachi is getting romantic while DV is sleeping, but DV grabs her hand and asks her to repeat what she said. Saachi asks him to wake up and DV says he would be lonely from tomorrow as she would be leaving for Panchgani from tomorrow. Saachi asks him also to join back work as now he being married, should act responsibly. DV says fine he will become her driver. Saachi calls Nani and Ajji where they are hiding something from her. Just then Dilz comes and asks are they ready for surprise? Nani says maybe they should have told her as else her in-laws may find it wierd, but Dilz assures them and they all leave.

Saachi is looking at their photo in her phone, when Neena comes and talks to her. Saachi asks if she is upset with her decision to do daily updown to Panchgani. Neena says she isn’t as they believe in giving freedom, but as a mother, she would like to advise her that they need to give time to their marriage too and though she understands her responsibilities towards her family, but she should not forget her responsibilities towards DV also. Saachi promises that she will take care. Suparna comes and informs that the guests who could not meet Saachi that day are coming to tea, meanwhile Dilz, Nani, Ajji and Aadu are getting ready to go meet Saachi. DV and Saachi have some naughty and romantic moments and DV asks to go for another honeymoon to Maldives. Saachi says no to Malabar Hills as DV now needs to go to his office.

Suparna comes and brings a heavy saree for her. Saachi is confused as she feels that the saree is too heavy for a high tea party, but Suparna says no as the people who are coming all belong to high families. Suparna dresses her in a heavy saree with matching heavy jewellery. One of Neena’s friends comments that she is wearing too heavy saree and jewellery when Neena supports Saachi. One friend asks Saachi to tell about hers and DV’s love story and Suparna says yes Saachi should tell how she trapped DV.

Precap: Suparna asks the watchman to make Saachi’s Nani, Ajji and Dilz wait outside and not let them come inside.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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