Jee Le Zara 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 18th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Sanchi arrives at the party and is shocked to see it all packed ..! She has grease all over her..! Anky notices her and is shocked too…! Sanchi hastily enters the party.. and on the way Isha gives her a plate to keep in the kitchen! Sanchi is surprised..! Isha notices Sanchis appearance and says what is this? How dare u come to serve food in our party like this? Sanchi stammers and says u r misunderstanding! Isha says how dare u? Ur a waitress n acting like this? Isha calls her mom..! Her mom says Sanchis is not a waitress! Isha says go find out who let her come in? Her mom says she is ur sister in law.. Sanchi! Isha is shocked! Media hound her and Sanchi covers her face..! DV asks Sanchi if she is fine? Sanchi breaksdown .n says the car ..! DV says not to cry…!

Sanchi apologizes to all for the embarassment ..! She says to go and change fast..! DV hugs Sanchi n tells her to go change.. ! Yash and Anvaye fume seeing her..! Anky offers to help her..! Yash asks Naina what is this? What does Sanchi think of herself? And that she cannot take us for granted! Nain says will ask her later.. not now! Yash walks off in a huff..!

Naina says to proceed for dinner! Anky helps Sanchi get ready..! Sanchi thanks Anky for her help ..! Anky says not needed..not helping u… as DVs my friend so..helping him! Anky says u r happy .. DV is happy am also very happy ..!! Anky says am glad DV n i din get married coz he wont have been ever happy with me..! She says its good.. SaRuv are together! Sanchi says u r very nice..! Sanchi says a few moments to get fully ready..!

Part 2

DV is pacing around waiting for Sanchi! Isha asks if DV will keep looking at the watch or see his bride too! DV says.. will come! Isha says whats the use … important people are gone..! DV says.. those who matter are still here! Isha long?DV says.. with time.. either we will become like her or she will become like us..! Suddenly Sanchi comes and DV turns n is mesmerised seeing her.. all decked up .. in red saree..! Everyone smiles seeing her..! Yash keeps fuming..! DV says u look gorgeous n Sanchi thanks him ..! DV and Sanchi caress each others pendants..! Isha clears her throat and DV introes her to Sanchi ..! Sanchi apologizes for the delay in coming! Isha says its ok … already mom and dad have been humiliated a lot..! Sanchi reassures not to repeat it in future! Naina says .. u look lovely ..! She takes Sanchi to meet her friends..! Naina introes Sanchi to her friends ..! Sukanya smirks.. keep gathering blessings.. coz my plans are so deadly that u will need these a lot!

SaRuv keep greeting guests and Isha fumes seeing them..! After the last set of guests leave.. DV is about to go to his room! Yash asks to join for a drink but DV says tired..! Sanchi is helping to wrap things … and Naina says later! Isha says we need to wrap our talk ..! Naina says later? Isha says no ..! Sanchi says yes.. Didi ..n Isha says not Didi.. Isha.. ur not younger to me.. DV is..! Isha says i din come to welcome u two yesterday .. coz i was at my in laws place.. fulfilling my duties..! Its my moms place.. i wanna stay too ..but dont coz of duties! Sanchi apologizes and reassures wont repeat! She says.. to Isha.. u left ur moms place.. but i have come to my moms place..! Isha smiles..! Naina is impressed..!

Part 3

Sanchi comes in her room and its dark! DV says lights this way..! He leads Sanchi to their dining table..! It has heart shape with roses.. and floating candle light and plates are kept..! SaRuv stare at each other! BG- Suno na sangemarmar…! DV gives Sanchi a red rose..! He kisses her forehead..! Opens a plate of Pasta..! Sanchi asks how do u? DV says i know u havent eaten since morning.. so..! Sanchi says thanks..! DV says everything is still pending! DV flirts with Sanchi and she smiles..! He backhugs her..! Sanchi says thanks..! She says feeling too bad! DV says put perfume..! Sanchi says for Yash-Naina.. should have come on time! DV says mom is cool . .Dad is quiet..! They all know ur! Sanchi says am too scared… cant leave Aaji Nani .. nor can i connect here fully …scared! DV says it takes time.. all will work out eventually! Sanchi asks really? DV says yes..!

DV says talking of dinner…n Sanchi hits him ..!

Next day at morning.. breakfast is being set and Sanchi is monitoring..! She wishes everyone ..! Anvaye asks where is DV? Sanchi says sleeping..! Sukanya comments.. do u think DV will change? Sanchi has to change..! Sanchi offers paratha to Yash..! Yash fumes ..! Naina says Yash doesnt have breakfast other than Toast..! Sukanya too comments…! She says u will learn eventually ..! Sanchi apologizes..! Anvaye says why did u go to Panchgani on ur reception? Sanchi asks it would have caused loss! Anvaye asks how much? Sanchi says 25 lacs..! Anvaye says…the reception cost was 25 lacs as well ..or even more.. which u ruined by not reaching on time! Naina asks Anvaye… why talk like this? Sukanya says.. it was loss to us.. half guests left without meeting Sanchi..! All are quiet!

Precap — Yash asks Naina what date is it? Naina says why? Yash says note this date… 6 months from now. .ur son’s marriage is gonna break! I give SaRuv.. 6 months…! Naina is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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