Jee Le Zara 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 17th October 2013 Written Update

Sanchi is furious at DV and is about to slap him, but DV stops her. Sanchi says she doesn’t even want to see his face and he should leave, but DV says why should he leave, when he is speaking the truth and that he loves her. Sanchi blames him that he is trying to take advantage of her weakness, DV pleads he is misunderstanding him, but Sanchi says she does not want to hear anything nor does she want to see him. She runs from there and just then DV gets a call from Addu informing him that Nani has fainted. DV runs after Sanchi and tells him that naniji has fainted and so they would have to return immediately. During the journey, Sanchi keeps crying but does not even look at DV nor takes water bottle from him he offers her water. DV asks her not to be so tensed, but Sanchi does not talk

to him at all. She asks him to just stop it.

At home Doctor is looking after nani and he informs that it was because of Pradeep that he is here as he was the one to reach him in time. when the doctor leaves, Pradeep tries to sweet talk with Ajji that the family is important to him and he cares for everyone, but she should just let this land be his. Sanchi reaches home and DV says that he would call the doctor, but Sanchi says that she will handle everything and he need not come inside and can leave from here itself. DV turns back and sees Dilz standing there.

Sanchi asks about Nani, her medicines and tests, and Ajji informs that Pradeep has already done all these things. She says that maybe he isn’t as wrong as they thought.

At Dilz’ house, DV says that he could not stop himself from confessing when she had broken down as he wanted her to know that there is someone who cares for her tears. But Dilz says that under these circumstances, she must have been shocked. DV says she is shocked, and also says that he thinks Sanchi herself has never bothered to know what she feels and wants. Dilz says that she is very balanced and sorted girl, but DV says that why is she then refusing his companionship under such tough circumstances. he says that all that she has done for him, makes him convinced that Sanchi also loves him, but does not know herself. Dilz promises that he will support him. DV then takes shower and thinks to himself about Sanchi and how he is sure she also loves him while being shirtless

Sanchi wonders how come Pradeep changed all of sudden and just then DV comes and flirts with Nani who says that had he seen her in her young age he would have gone mad, and DV says that he can guess seeing her grand children and says you are absolutely beautiful while looking at Sanchi. Sanchi leaves from there and DV follows her. Sanchi says how dare he come there and DV says why he can’t come when he had only spoken the truth. Sanchi says that he is being immature and childish and DV says he is neither, but she is a coward who is scared to accept that she also loves him. Sanchi says in anger that he has gone mad and DV says that yes he has gone mad for her. Sanchi asks him to leave and tries to shut the door on him, but DV turns back and says that he would keep returning till she also admits that she also cares for him, feels his pain and loves him. He says that its a challenge for him to make her accept her feelings and he will fulfill this challenge. He then leaves from there with a proud smile.

Precap: DV waves at Sanchi from balcony who pulls a sheet in front to block his view and DV says that curtains can hide the truth, but not change it.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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