Jee Le Zara 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 17th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv telling his mom and dad that Saanchi is going to Panchgani and will be back before the party. Suparna thinks she can’t be back on time. Addu tries to convince the workers to get back to work. They say we want to talk to Saanchi. Aaji says, she got married recently. She can’t come back. Saanchi comes in her car. Aaji, Nani look happy. Saanchi asks, what happened? Mugdha tells about the worker who is admitted in the hospital because of the pesticide. Mugdha says, we got the pesticide from the same dealer. Saanchi says, I will bear the expenses of his hospital bill. She asks Mugdha to change the pesticide immediately. She requests them to return back to work. Saanchi asks, why didn’t you inform me. Aaji says, you should concentrate on your family. Saanchi

says, I have 3 families, you, workers and my new family. Nani asks her to concentrate on them.

Ankita comes to meet Dhruv. Dhruv gets surprised to see her. He orders coffee for her. Ankita says, our engagement broke off but our friendship didn’t end. We have lot of memories together. Dhruv says, you are good. Thanks. Ankita says, you missed the chance. Dhruv says, I lost the chance to get mad. They run after each other. Dhruv laughs. Ankita says, I am so happy for you. Dhruv says, there might be a boy for you. Ankita says, I will get your clothes. Dhruv says, everything is sorted. Saanchi selected my clothes. Ankita says, ok. I will get my clothes. Dhruv asks Ankita to cheer up. She wipes her tears.

Aaji asks her about her inlaws. Saanchi says, they are good. Nani asks her about Yash. Saanchi says, he is very good hearted. Aaji asks her to live happily there. Saanchi says, I will balance everything. Don’t worry. Nani says, I am thinking to go to London. Addu says, I am thinking to shift to hostel. Aaji says, I am thinking to shift to Pradeep’s house. Saanchi says, you all want to leave from here so that I concentrate on my home. Aaji asks her not to visit them again and again.
Saanchi says, I have to go now. She asks them to come. They say later. Saanchi leaves from there. Neena makes arrangements for the party. Dhruv calls her. Saanchi says, I left, will be there on time. He tells his mom that she left. Neena says, she took clothes for her and jewellery. Suparna thinks she won’t reach on time. Ram Lal stops the car and tells Suparna on phone that her work is done. He cuts the car’s wire. Saanchi asks Ram Lal, what happened? Ram Lal asks her to sit in the car. Saanchi couldn’t inform Dhruv as her phone gets switched off.

Guests come and asks for Saanchi. Yash says, she will come. Dhruv looks for Saanchi. Neena tells her guests to have patience to see her bahu. She asks Dhruv, Dhruv says I don’t know. Saanchi never gets late. Dhruv’s sister Isha comes. Dhruv and Neena get happy. Neena asks her to eat something. Isha says I am done with the guests taunts. Bhai’s bride has run away. Saanchi decides to repair the car. She repairs the car. Ram Lal gets tensed. They leave for home. Everyone waits for Saanchi. Dhruv says I will go and check. Some guest leave from the party. Anway says, Media will get news about Saanchi. Suparna says, I am feeling bad about mom and dad. They are getting insulted because of her. Dhruv says, let me go. Neena says, if she doesn’t come in 10 mins then you go. Saanchi comes home with dirt on her face. Ankita looks on.

Isha asks Saanchi to keep the plate. Saanchi is about to say but Isha stops her and asks how dare you become the waitress wearing bad clothing. Saanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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