Jee Le Zara 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 16th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi getting shocked after losing the case in the court. Court declares that Saanchi has to vacate the land in 15 days. Dhruv goes to talk to the judge, while Saanchi is still in shocked. She recalls her papa telling her that this farm is yours. Saanchi recalls Advait saying that he wants to be a pilot. She cries and leaves the court. Dhruv runs after her.

Ulka says, Saanchi and Dhruv are in the same hotel, same room. Nani and Aaji asks her to see before speaking anything. She says Saanchi is tensed about the case and shot back at Ulka. She asks her to see her pain. Ulka says she won’t tell anything but what about society.

Pradeep comes to the Prabhu’s house with the sweets. He greets everyone. Ulka asks, what is in the box. Pradeep says it is

sweets in the box. Ulka asks Aaji to tell Pradeep to sit. Pradeep asks Aaji to eat the sweets and asks for Saanchi. He says, he tried to save Saanchi but she got messed up. He asks,whether Saanchi called them? Nani and aaji are shocked.

Saanchi comes to the hotel room and locks the door. she cries miserably as her dreams have broken. She says sorry to her father and says your daughter have lost it. Dhruv asks Saanchi to open the door. Sanachi asks him to go and says she don’t want to talk to anybody. Dhruv insists and asks her not to cry. He says, we will appeal in the high court, supreme court. Dhruv says we will find a new land until we gets your land. Saanchi says it is not a land, it is my father’s dream. I sow my dreams there.

Saanchi says, she heard many stories on that land. She cries badly. She says it is not a land, it is my childhood, my parents memories, my lost memories. She says everything is snatched from me. Dhruv tells that memories never goes, it will be always with us. He asks her to see the positive side. Saanchi says she don’t want to talk to him. Dhruv says, how can I leave you in this condition and urges her to open the door. He goes to the reception and asks for the duplicate key. He rushes to the room to find it open and Saanchi gone.

Pradeep asks, when will Saanchi come? Aaji says she will come. Pradeep informs them he won the case about the farm land. Aaji, Nani, Advait and Ulka are shell shocked. Pradeep asks, whether she isn’t happy with his win. He says oh, I understand. Aaji asks him to leave her house. Aaji is about to slap him but he stops her hand. Nani feels unconscious and falls down. Aaji and Advait rushes to her.

Dhruv searches for Saanchi on the road, while it is raining heavily. Saanchi is drenched in water and recalls the court orders. Dhruv notices her. While she is walking lost on the road, Dhruv saves her from having the accident. Saanchi says everything is lost. Dhruv says he will fight for her. Saanchi says, everything goes away from her. Dhruv says he will be wi th her always and will win the case. Saanchi says it is her bad luck. She asks him to go. Dhruv says he won’t go anywhere and will be with her for life. He says, your pain is my pain. Saanchi asks him to go and says I don’t want your sympathy. Dhruv says he can’t go as he loves her. He confesses his love and I love you…………..while the song tum hi ho plays in the BG. Saanchi asks, are you in your senses? Dhruv says it is his life reality. Saanchi asks him to leave. She thinks he is taking her advantage and says she don’t want to see his face. Dhruv is heartbroken.

Saanchi comes home. Dhruv says he will call the doctor. Saanchi says no need and asks him to stay out of her home.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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