Jee Le Zara 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 15th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nani says court must be closed by now.. why din Sanchi call? Aaji fears that they must have lost so she din call..! Phone rings and Sanchi says that there was no hearing as we reached late and court was closed for the day! Nani asks about case and Sanchi says..hearing is tomorrow morning.. so we have to stay back! Nani says fine..take care..! Sanchi asks them to be careful too..! DV and Sanchi go to find a hotel to stay at! Aaji asks what happened? Nani shares the details..! Aaji says why do they need to stay back ? Call them back..! Nani says its 6 hours.. on one side.. if they travel so much .. how will they fight.. ! She says that if they get late..what will happen to the case? Let them stay back and rest .. n then return after completing the hearing..! Aaji says what about

people? Nani says they wont help us..when we lose the case!

At a hotel, receptionist says.. all rooms are booked except.. one room with double bed ..! DV says check again but she says no option .. and this too is available coz our owner cancelled his booking..! As such there is a food conference here in Pune so hotels are sold out ..! DV turns to leave n Sanchi says. .why leaving? I dun have any wayward thots . .do u? DV says no and Sanchi says. its the 5th hotel we have been to… we are late..we have hearing next day morning. .n ur injured..its better to accept this room and Sanchi takes the keys to the room ..! Sanchi asks for first aid box.. and tells DV not to worry.. he is in no danger from her..!

In the room Sanchi takes care of DVs injury.! He squirms and she asks where is ur herogiri now?? Now pay.! DV says. herogiri is for villains.. how to show before Teacher..! Sanchi says.. this teacher told u not to fight ..! DV says. .if anyone misbehaves with u.. will break his face..!

Part 2

Sanchi says no need to endure misbehaviour. but this matter could have been handled calmly.! DV says din wanna handle but teach a lesson! Sanchi says ‘bade ghar ke bete ki ..badi himmat’..! Ur dad called and cop let us off and even judge gave us time.. who is ur dad? DV says.. Prime Minister of India.. Sanchi is shocked.. DV smiles n says.. he plays good golf so makes good friends! Sanchi pulls the bandage and DV squirms..she says sorry! DV says lets sleep .. me on couch..u on bed.. Sanchi says.. no ..! DV lies on the couch n says u cant sleep now.. ! Sanchi says fine.. but put on a blanket…! She puts pillow under his head and then opens the blanket and DV says i will do. .she says ur injured lemme do..! DV drools on Sanchi .. feeling her face close to his face..! Sanchi says if u need anything wake me up..! DV says good nite teacher..! Sanchi smiles and wishes him..! She lies down on the bed and switches off the sidetable lamp ..!

A while later.. DV turns and sees Sanchi is not in the bed..! He gets up with a start..and finds her standing by the pool ..! She asks him if he is not sleepy? DV says no…! Sanchi asks why? DV says no idea.. these days spend nights staying awake.. but why r u not asleep? Sanchi says feeling scared..! DV says am here..! Sanchi says not from goons.. about case..! DV says.. for that also m here..! Sanchi is teary eyed and says i know.. n thanks for taking care of me and the case.. n for supporting me..! DV shushes her (his fingers on her lips) n says.. no need to thank .. those who are urs.. ! He wipes her tears.. and holds her face in his hands..! She grabs his hand..and they hug..! BG – Je le zara..! Sanchi turns to leave but DV pulls her by her hand and turns her face around..! He caresses her face .. wipes her tears.. holds her arm .. grabs her hand.. and kisses it..! They move in for a kiss and right then DV wakes up with a start..! Sanchi notices and rushes by his side and asks the matter? She holds his hand n asks bad dream? DV says no it was a great dream. .but..! Sanchi asks then? DV gets up and Sanchi asks where are u going to? He says.. not feeling well .. will sleep in the lobby! Sanchi asks lobby . are u crazy? DV says not yet.. u sleep. i will sleep in the lobby …!! He leaves the room ..!

Part 3

Ulka is shocked to hear about Sanchi-DV being together. ..whole day and then night! Aaji says its not like what she thinks! Nani asks why she cares? Aaji says Sanchi is staying back with my cousin and DV with his friend! She asks Ulka not to tell anyone! Ulka says i only listen.. she leaves! Nani asks Aaji why did she lie? Aaji says.. what is wrong in it? They are together.. ! Nani says.. they are not together in one room! Aaji says .. people need all this only ..! Nani says ur a person.. not truck.. to carry load of people..on ur head..! Nani gets up to make tea and see Ulka still standing there having overheard them ..!

Next day morning.. DV comes back in the room and Sanchi asks DV where he was? She says she couldnt sleep whole nite! DV says why worry? Told u.. to sleep! Sanchi says din sleep one moment..! She asks where were u? DV says was downstairs! Sanchi says.. since we came here.. ur not talking properly .. what is wrong? DV says will change and come ..! Sanchi says ur hand..! Sanchi grabs his hand and covers the dressing so that it doesnt get wet ..else it will pain! DV says. pain is crossing limits.. already.. it cant get worse than this! Sanchi says .. now it wont hurt!

At the court, Sanchi is nervous and DV says relax.. Sanchi says cant lose this case! Sanchi is called for hearing ..! There .. Pradeps lawyer says Sanchi is illegally occupying the ask her to vacate! DV says.. Sanchi has lease agreement with Pradep and has paid rent for 3 years..and is farming legally ..! He says.. 2 years are left of the lease..! DV says its her right to farm there! Pradeeps lawyer says.. this is a lie.. Pradeep has not signed any contract! DV says that has to be proved.. we have the contract..! Judge says to show.. n Sanchi notices contract missing from her file..! She tells DV .. always kept papers in this file ..! DV asks if she is sure? She says yes..! DV checks .. but cant find..! Judge asks the matter? DV says cant find it..! Lawyer says.. coz there is no contract..! DV says give us some time! Lawyer asks. .on what basis? Judge says.. gave u one chance already.. and so we decide the matter in Pradeeps favour..! He orders Sanchi to vacate the farm in 15 days..! Sanchi is shocked..! DV goes to talk to judge..! Sanchi sits stunned in the chair..!

Precap — Sanchi locks the door of the hotel room and tells DV to leave her alone..! She breaksdown..! DV says cant leave u alone like this..! He knocks on the door but its locked..! He goes to get duplicate key and comes back and finds.. room empty..! He find her..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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