Jee Le Zara 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 15th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with someone giving a basket of laddoos with a greeting card. Granny is about to eat but rushes to another granny and says some girl got married. Granny says Suman when will our Saanchi get marry. Suman speaks about Sanchi as a breath of fresh air, smiling, and full of values. Sanchi is shown repairing something in her farm. She tells her employee mugdha to concentrate on work. Granny says our Sanchi is one in crore. Some lady comes and says she brought so many rishtas but Saanchi kept declining it. Suman says our Sanchi is so beautiful, that lady says she is getting old but melts down and says Saanchi is her favourite. She speaks about some marriage proposal, but says that guy is marrying for the second time as his first marriage broke off. Granny feels bad. That lady feels. Both the grannies looks at each other.

Saanchi comes to her office and prays infront of her parents pics. She tells Mugdha that she gave her machine responsibilties. Some neighbour comes and says that some girl is getting married near their house. Granny tells her about the marriage proposal of the once married man. She asks them to reject this rishta. Saanchi tells Mudgha that she will see the work, till then shop the workers. She calls granny and asks her whether she had medicines and is everything fine. Granny says your aaji wants to talk to you. Aaji says she is busy on another call, Nani says she will talk to you later.

Saanchi younger sister comes and says that her supervisor is frustated because she is not married and Saanchi jokes to lighten the moment. Saanchi tries to make her understand that your supervisor wants to make her understand something. Both the grannies talk about Saanchi’s marriage and there comes Saanchi’s brother. He greets the grannies, grannies says did you think about your tayi. He says I thought we will publish the same card of taayi. he goes to Saanchi and tells how their family is sad about someone else marriage. Saanchi asks did you eat anything.

Grannies discusses about how to start the conversation with Saanchi, Granny dadi says we will speak anyhow. Saanchi comes with her brother and greets nani and dadi. Dadi asks are you tired and asks her to eat sweets. Saanchi says she will make tea and get for them.

Sanchi asks what happened as nani and Dadi is still standing there to talk about the marriage proposal. Saanchi asks them to go and she will bring the tea. She brings the tea, nani nods dadi to speak about the marriage to Saanchi. Saanchi understand their worries. Her sister comes and says today was good. She tells Saanchi that Namrata is getting married, Saanchi says you are worried about my marriage naa and was worried about me. She tells aaji and nani, why you are making an issue of namrata’s marriage. It is her own luck, why you are connecting her luck with mine. Aaji asks what about your luck? Saanchi says she knows what they wants but…. , she leaves.

Aaji comes to Saanchi and asks her to sit as she was leaving to prepare dinner. Aaji asks are you fine, Saanchi replies that she is fine. Aaji says there is a difference between being fine and happiness. Aaji tries to make her understand that this is the time for her to get married, to love someone, to cry with someone, to spend time with someone, to live life with someone. Saanchi jokes that her life is sweet and if it gets more sweet than she will get diabetes like nani. she says it is difficult to get a good groom who will take care of her and her responsibilities. Nani says they will search for the groom. Aaji asks when he is coming. Nani says tomorrow, he will be coming. Saanchi says tomorrow but, Aaji says you filled our life with colours and now live your life Jee Le zara…..She hugs dadi and agrees to meet that guy. Her sister and brother gets happy and so is nani. Dadi says your life will change. Nani says someone lucky will come to take this girl.

Dhruv entry is shown as she is driving the car. The episode ends.

Nani and Dadi discussing about the cuisine for welcoming the to be groom. Saanchi sister and brother sings sun sun sun didi tere liye ek rishta aaya hain…. While Saanchi is driving, she sees Dhruv on the road and is shocked.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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