Jee Le Zara 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 14th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi and Dhruv as their hands collided with each other hands, while a sweet music plays in the BG. Saanchi and Dhruv gets into a bus. Saanchi hopes that they reach soon. She asks why he is silent? Dhruv says he is thinking about the case or he is feared from her. Some guys comes and purposely touches Saanchi. Dhruv sees and asks her to sit on the window side.

Pradeep calls someone and informs that he had stolen the papers from Saanchi’s house. Other person says he is interested in Saanchi’s farm. Pradeep disconnects the call.

Saanchi feels sleepy and rests on Dhruv’s shoulder. Dhruv smiles and recalls the moments spent with her, while the song tuhi mujhe batade chahun main ya na…….

Saanchi wakes up and says sorry. Dhruv says, we have

reached and goes to bring water. Saanchi gets down the bus but she is teased by the goons. Dhruv comes and asks them to say sorry. Goons says they will not say sorry. Saanchi says we have to reached somewhere soon but Dhruv says he can’t hear any snide remarks on her. Dhruv beats them, Saanchi asks him to stop. Police comes and asks Dhruv to come to the police station. Saanchi says they have to reach the court before 3 pm. At the police station, Dhruv asks the Inspector to report his complaint. Inspector taunts him and says are you a VIP. Dhruv says he is a VIP being a citizen. Saanchi says we will wait. Saanchi holds Dhruv hands and says she will asks someone to get the medicine. Dhruv says he is fine.

Nani asks Aaji to have food. Nani makes her that they are concerned about their children and they shouldn’t think about people sayings. Nani says they should trust on Saanchi and Dhruv. Aaji says but, we should have sent Advait with her.

Aaji is worried about Saanchi. Nani comforts her and says Saanchi went outside with Dhruv. Aaji thinks to call Saanchi. Saanchi tells them that they have reached. Aaji hears some noise, Saanchi says she isn’t getting her voice and cuts the call. Aaji thinks Saanchi is hiding something. I

Dhruv calls someone and asks him to do work. He says he needs to go court soon. Inspector asks Dhruv to tell the matter. Dhruv tells that the goons have teased Saanchi. Inspector asks the relation between them. Saanchi says they are friends. Inspector gets the call from someone and suddenly he starts being goody goody with them. And asks them for forgiveness. Saanchi is shocked.

She asks Dhruv with whom he was talking on phone. And also asks, why the Inspector started talking good with them. Dhruv says he belongs to some big family. Saanchi ties the handkerchief on Dhruv wounds.

Saanchi asks him to come now. They reached the court but is being told that the court is closed. Dhruv talks with someone, may be the lawyer and says sorry for coming late. That man says that the case is dismissed. Saanchi says sorry and asks him to do something. Dhruv too asks him to find a solution. He says ok, I will submit your papers tomorrow. Saanchi thanks him. And tells Dhruv that they have to stay here one more day. Dhruv thinks that tonight will be very long for him as he didn’t plan to fall in love with her.

Dhruv and Saanchi are very close to each other while the title song plays in the BG.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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