Jee Le Zara 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 13th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Yash telling Saanchi that she sent Addu to the hotel in a hurry. He asks Saanchi to think this home as hers and asks her not to do any formality. He says, we are for you. Dhruv says yes Dad. He says, have a good day and leaves. Dhruv tells Saanchi that you have taken a wrong decision in a hurry. Pradeep asks about Deepali. Aaji says, she is not at home. She went to office. Pradeep says okay. Aaji asks, what do you want? Pradeep says bed tea. Aaji asks him to make tea for her too and then says I will make tea today. Pradeep gets angry on Deepali.

Dhrub tells Saanchi to give gifts to Addu. Saanchi says, I likes your gifts and hugs her. Ankita comes and says you didn’t tell me before going. She asks Saanchi to show her gifts. Saanchi shows the gifts to Ankita. Ankita

looks at the dresses and says you are a lucky girl.
Dhruv says, Saanchi didn’t like it. Ankita says, but these are good. She asks Saanchi to give those dresses to her. Saanchi says sorry as Dhruv got it for her. Ankita says, I like this dress. She begs her. Saanchi agrees. Dhruv gets angry on Saanchi. He says, I got it for you. Ankita thanks Saanchi. She tells them that their friends are waiting for them. Saanchi says sorry to Dhruv. Ankita smirks.

Ankita tells them that they will play games. Saanchi says we will play carrom. Ankita says, we will play truth and dare. She says, Saanchi might not know this game. Dhruv says, we play this game occasionally. They start playing the game. Dhruv turn comes. Dhruv’s friend asks him to identify Saanchi’s leg among the girls. Dhruv agrees and gets blindfolded. He identifies Saanchi. Everyone applaud for them.

Next comes, Saanchi’s turns. Ankita says, I will ask her question. She asks, I am sure that you had fallen in love with someone before than Dhruv. May be one or two guys. She says, it is all about the game. Saanchi gets shocked. Dhruv says, no need to answer. Saanchi says, I can answer. She says, yes. Dhruv is not the first man in my life. She says, I love two people who made me understand love. I learnt a lot from them and I still love them. Saanchi says he is my Dad and the second guy is my brother Addu. My third love is Dhruv. Dhruv smiles. Saanchi says, I love you Dhruv. Everyone clap for them. Dhruv’s friend says now we know, why he has fallen on you.

Saanchi excuses herself. Suparna comes and smirks. She asks her, why you are not playing game. Saanchi says, my head is paining. Suparna says, we can’t match with youngster’s energy. Saanchi says, it is not like that. Suparna says, your age is not good for party. They are just trying to be polite on you. She says, I am also younger than you. She asks, until when you will be able to cope up with the youngsters. Dhruv will always be younger than you. Saanchi is hurt and shocked.

Ankita wears the dress brought by Dhruv for Saanchi. She tells her friends that Dhruv brought it for her. Dhruv is shocked. Someone asks, can I have your photo with your husband. Ankita poses with Dhruv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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