Jee Le Zara 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 12th March 2014 Written Update

Saachi agrees that she should hand her work to someone trust worthy and responsible. While Pradeep thinks she is thinking about him, she goes and asks Deepali to take over her responsibilities as she is the perfect for this role considering the way she took charge of these 150 bottles of Jam. Deepali agrees for it while Pradeep silently fumes in anger.

At Goel’s house, Ankita and Suparna are celebrating their victory in driving Aadu away from home. They decide they will do the same with Saachi too. Saachi returns home and finds Neela waiting for her. Neela thinks that crisis has not been resolved seeing Saachi a little upset, but Saachi informs that that is not so and tells her about handing over the farm’s responsibilities to Deepali. Neela understands that Saachi might be

feeling empty now. She makes her see that she did not gave up her responsibilities, but just shared them to achieve other heights. Saachi goes to her room and feels lonely missing DV while Zehnaseeb plays in the background. She turns around and sees DV lying down here and then chides herself for dreaming about him and turns the side back, but find her duvet stuck below DV. she touches him to make sure its DV and DV almost bites her. She is pleasantly surprised to see him and hugs him tightly. DV teases her that she just hugged him, nothing else and Saachi and DV start arguing over leaving without telling. DV says we can either argue all night or love all night. He asks why she loses temper so much, and Saachi replies because he manaoes her with so much love. They share a romantic moment.

In the morning, DV asks about Aadu and Saachi tells him that he has moved to the hostel. DV asks him why is that so and Saachi sites distance issue. DV says but she also goes to Panchgani daily and Saachi informs that she has handed all her responsibilities to Deepali. DV is happy as earlier he was all the time worried for her safety on the highway. Saachi feels sad that even DD could not understand what this farm meant for her. DV then hands over the gifts he had brought for Saachi and she starts going through them one by one. Saachi is reluctant to see all western dresses. DV says these will look good on her. Saachi says she won’t feel comfortable but DV says she wore it on honeymoon na. He insists her to try one of them. Saachi says she will try later and takes him to the breakfast table where Yash is appreciating DV. Neela also says that she was always sure her son has caliber. Yash also appreciates Saachi that she instilled a sense of responsibility in DV. Yash then pretends to show concern for Aadu and says that Saachi made rush in sending him to hostel.

Precap: DV, Saachi playing truth and dare with friends when Ankita asks Saachi to tell them all about the man in her life before DV.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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