Jee Le Zara 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 11th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Addu tells all is not in the cupboard.. i had seen myself..! He opens the cupboard and the money is there..! He is shocked..! Suparna says.. money is here..such a big lie.. wanted to take more money from mom? Addu cant be.. i searched myself..! Suparna says.. stop showing ur innocent face here! Addu is teary eyed..! Yash asks Addu.. to speak the truth.. and if its his and Sanchis plan? Addu says.. Sanchi doesnt know! Suparna says..she must have taught u all this..! Addu says. .dun speak ill about Sanchi. .its not her mistake! Nina says..its a small amount.. what is this? Yash says..its not about money ..its about Sanchi’s upbringing..! Addu says..its not about Sanchi..its about me.. i din check properly ..! He begs for forgiveness! Suparna says.. eyes or buttons?

Addu says. .am not like what u think .. please trust me.. am sorry! Sanchi comes. .n is shocked..! She asks Addu the matter? Addu hugs her and breaksdown..! Sanchi asks him to calm down and asks what happened? Addu keeps crying!

Suparna says… he cant look us in the eye.. what will he say? Lemme tell u … he took 80 thousand from Nina for fees when u had already left that amount..! Sanchi asks Addu what is this? Suparna says .. he was telling he din see the money..whereas money was here! Sanchi asks Addu to speak out! Suparna says disgusting! Nina says..its not a huge amount! Suparna says. .our servants have never done this.. but now relatives? Nina says.. enough.. ! Lets end it..! Yash says… Sanchi understands Addu better.. n is here.. coz he is her bro.. n its her responsibility to take care of him but she is hardly here.. so ..such accidents.. misunderstandings.. are not new..n not over..! Yash leaves from there.. Suparna too! Nina leaves feeling bad..!

Addu is teary eyed and Sanchi consoles him ..!

Part 2

Sanchi tells Addu.. if u culdn find the money ..why u din tell me? Addu says.. u had gone to Dipali . .n were din wanna trouble u..! He says..coz of me.. u had to hear so much ..really sorry! Am not a thief! He hugs Sanchi and cries..! Sanchi says sorry to Addu.. n says.. ur education has just started n all this..! She rues.. how she wanted to see him fly ..n here he is sinking in embarassment! Addu asks what will we do? Sanchi says am with u..dun worry.. ! Addu hugs Sanchi and cries..!

Its 7am and Sanchi-Addu are leaving when Nina stops them .. She asks if they are going somewhere? Sanchi says made arrangement for Addu to stay at his college hostel..! Nina says.. if u decided all this after last nites events.. dun rush.. all this happen in a family .. n slowly all will forget this..! She asks Addu to stay with her! Sanchi says.. in life .. one has to struggle to grow stronger.. n at some point..we need to send the boys away to grow up on their own .. just like u sent DV and Anvaye! Nina says that was different.. let him stay! Addu thanks Nina for loving him so much like a mother..n accepting him ..! He says.. hostel is in campus..can sleep extra and there will be time saved on travelling! Nina says fine.. if u have decided.. then go ahead ..but whenever Sanchi is out of city.. u come to me..! Addu says yes and hugs Nina saying after meeting u realized what a mother is like…!

Part 3

Nani tells Deepali ..this halwa is awesome. .reminded me of Sanchi..! Aaji asks remind fully n dun give her anything..! Sanchis secretary Mugdha asks when will Sanchi come? We have an urgent order to deliver tomorrow. n there is a power failure so we have to shut down! Aaji-Nani says.. fine.. close it.. deliver a day later! Mugdha says its trial order.. if we dun deliver on time ..we will lose out a huge order..! She says only Sanchi can solve this now! Deepali thinks about the matter!

Sanchi comes and Nina asks is the admission done? Sanchi says yes..! She asks food is hygenic? If not.. n if Addu loses weight will pull ur ears! Sanchi sits in front of Nina and says.. thank u for loving Addu so much.. u remind me of what a mother is like! Nina says.. n u r DV’s wife.. sweet talking..! Nina asks why Sanchi din take the call.. she called several times ..! Sanchi checks her cell and sees Missed calls from Mugdha.. ! She reads the message ..which reads.. of the matter n Sanchi says ..have to rush.there is some trouble..! Nina says fine. .but get some lunch too ..!

All are working to finish the order at Prabhu Nivas..! Pradeep asks for water … n Aaji says take ur self ..she is working .. or better let me get this for u.! Deepali gets the water …for him! Sanchi comes and asks what is going on? Deepali and Mugdha explain ..! Sanchi says..its too big an order to finish at home! Deepali says we all will work all night.. if we get an order.. it will benefit us all ..! Sanchi tastes the jam and says its perfect.. thanks ..! Pradeep asks how did u come? Sanchi says had messages from Mugdha..! Aaji says..if u come day in and out like this..what will ur in laws think? They are nice. ..but.. still long? Pradeep suggests to assign the responsibility of her office to someone ..and Aaji-Nani agree ..! Sanchi is unsure! But then confidently looks at Pradeep..!

Precap — Sanchi is tossing and turning in her bed and sees DV sleeping..! She is shocked.. n touches his face n DV opens his mouth to tease her.. n Sanchi says. .u?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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