Jee Le Zara 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Jee Le Zara 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 11th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Sanchi prays to her parents that its a new morning ..n its a new start for ur daughter as a wife.. bless me that i fulfill this role perfectly! She says wish u were here to see how happy i am! She says i know u are watching over me from the skies and blessing me..please keep blessing me so i can fulfill my new role fully..!

Nani and Aaji are feeding DV and he says cant.. n they say ur the son in law of this house.. so u have to eat..! DV says if i knew u were gonna take so gud care of me.. Sanchi wont have been in my sight..! Aaji says eat Puran Puri ..made by Sanchi n u will lick ur fingers..! DV grabs Sanchis hand and Sanchi blushes n DV says .. can do without eating also! They grin! Nani-Aaji go to bring pao..!

Dils corners DV and asks details of the first

nite n he says there was no first nite.. it was first morning. .u all wasted time.. in games .. then my sala-sali ..blocked me..! Aaji-Nani come n Dils says just talking current affairs! Aaji says we know all about it.. n says sending u both to Goa..! Sanchi says not needed.! Aaji says its needed…after marriage..! She gives them the ticket..! Prachi says as per Jijus standard.. he must be wanting to go to Paris.. n u sending them to Goa? DV says..Goa is great idea…n says dun have money for Paris..! Aaji-Nani says go pack n he says.. why do u need clothes there? Sanchi chides him ..n he is embarassed..! Sunil says go enjoy ..!

DV is delighted.. n says dream come true. .only with u..! Sanchi is packing.. ! DV pulls her n says u aint excited? Sanchi says. .yes.. going on break. .so will sleep n read books..! DV says n i will read u..! DV closes in on Sanchi n she moves n DV falls on the bed..! He is tickling her ..! He corners her …! Sanchi says getting late.. move! DV says no..! He closes in on her and Aaji calls out..asking about packing n she says yes.. done..! DV refuses to move n Sanchi says we will miss the bus..! Move..! DV says bus? There is surprise for u Sanchi..!

Part 2

Sanchi thanks Nani … Aaji . .hugs them n takes their blessing..! Aaji says keep glowing like this and keep lighting ur and DVs life..! Nani says true.. u look lovely ..! Dils says ofcourse.. she got such a loving hubby .. LOVING her everyday..! Sanchi worries about Aaji-Nanis health n Nani says u.. r there.. ! Dils reassures to care for them! Aaji tells Sanchi to enjoy the most.. as these days wont come back! Nani says..the relations till now were inherited .. but ur relation with DV is a chosen one.. so fulfill it fully..! Dils says gimme me honeymoon details..! Sanchi asks Addu to focus on studies..! All wonder where is DV and Addu says outside..! DV brings Shersingh all decked up with baloons and just married board..! Sanchi is smiling..! DV says.. u think i will take my princess in bus.. i dun have flight tickets but have Shersingh.. n asks how it looks! Sanchi says very cute..! Sanchi says.. but arent we too old for this? DV says romance has no age.. gives her a rose n asks to sit in the jeep n relax! DV says before sitting in the jeep wanna tell u something so there are no misunderstandings..! Sanchi asks what? DV says I love you .. ! He promises to make her every journey great..! Sanchi says i love u..! DV smiles..! SaRuv drive off..!

Part 3

Yash is pacing around and recollects Nainas words about Sanchi being the daughter in law of the Goyal family..! He throws his files..! Naina comes and picks them n puts them on table..! She says this wont change the reality..! She suggests to call SaRuv home .. n rebuild the family ..! Naina says.. ur old habit.. taking out anger on things or people… break them or desert them..! She says.. God has given a chance to mend things. .i will call DV! Yash says no need.. i will talk to DV ..!

At Goa SaRuv arrive at the hotel n DV says nice preps for us..! He escorts Sanchi out of the jeep n says we are honeymoon couple.. should walk together..!! Yash Goyal arrives at Sanchis home.. n is greeted by Aaji ..!! She is stunned to see him .. ! She says u din come at the wedding n he says din no..!He asks about DV and Aaji says they are on their honeymoon ..! Yash asks where did they go? Nani says.. Mahabaleshwar..! She offers tea to Yash but he says no..! Aaji-Nani go to get sweets for him n Yash is fuming..! Nani tells Aaji not to tell Yash where they are..! Nani offers sweets and tea and water to him n Aaji offers dinner..! Yash says this is enouf..! Will be back when SaRuv return..! Yash leaves..!

DV is entering details in reception and runs into a couple..! They talk about honeymoon ..and how they are best couple .. in Chandigarh..! The girl calls Sanchi as DVs didi and SaRuv are left stunned..! DV stammers .. n Sanchi holds DVs arm n says. .am DVs wife..! She says am older to DV and we are also newly married! The girl says sorry..!

Precap —Romantic moment..! SaRuv are by the pool side..and candle lite dinner..! DV pulls Sanchi close n she shies away. but DV tugs her by her arm!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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