Jee Le Zara 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 10th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita stealing the money from Saanchi’s cupboard. Addu comes and asks, what you are doing? Ankita says, I was searching for chocolates. She pretends to be caring. Addu says, you are really sweet. Ankita thinks, let’s see what I will do with you both. Dhruv calls Saanchi and says he cracked the deal. Saanchi asks him to visit the temple. Dhruv says, I will come home. Phone is disconnected because of the bad weather. Saanchi is going to Panchgani. Ankita gives money to Suparna. Anway comes and asks, why Ankita gave you money? Suparna asks him to give attention only on her.

Saanchi comes to Pradeep’s house. Deepali hugs her and cries. Saanchi asks Pradeep, what you have done? Pradeep says, my time have become wrong. Saanchi says, nothing will happen. Pradeep

says, I lost everything and today this house also. I have to go now. Pradeep says, where I will keep your Vahini? Saanchi says, agreed that you have to vacate this house but we are with you as a family. Pradeep says, you are a goddess. Saanchi says, I am your younger sister.

Saanchi comes her house and tells Aaji and Nani about Pradeep. She tells them that bank seized his house. Aaji says, he is betraying us. Nani says, he never think of them as a family. Saanchi says, he got punished. Deepali is with him. Pradeep falls on Aaji’s feet and apologizes. Aaji asks him not to request for forgiveness. Saanchi is shocked. Aaji goes to her room. Pradeep tells Saanchi that he is leaving. Saanchi stops him.

Saanchi says, I know you are upset with him but please forgive me being elder. Aaji says, I know him better. He has black heart. He didn’t change in reality. Saanchi says, he is trying to be good. He will change. Saanchi says, we can’t keep him out of our family. Aaji says, you are very good. Saanchi says, everything good will happen. Please allow them to stay here. Aaji agrees. Pradeep says, I am going and takes her blessings. He tells Saanchi that he will take inspiration from her. Aaji stops him and gets emotional. She asks him to change for good. Pradeep takes her blessings. Saanchi says, I will leave now. Aaji says, it is late night. Saanchi says, I will leave in the morning.

Addu searches for money but doesn’t get it. He gets Saanchi’s call. He doesn’t tell her about the lost money. Addu says, everything is fine. Saanchi asks, what happened? Addu says, I am going to get ready now. He wonders where is the money. Neena comes and brings breakfast for Addu. She asks, do you have any problem? Addu says no. Addu says everything is fine. Neena says, share your problem with me. I am like your mom. Addu says, actually tai gave me some money but I am not getting it. Neena asks, how much money is needed? Addu says, 80000. Neena says, I will get the money.

Neena gives him money. Addu thanks her. Addu says, I will tell Tai. Neena says, I won’t take money from Saanchi. Yash asks him about money. Neena says, Saanchi kept the money but it is not there. Yash says, may be he forgot to keep the money. Suparna says, money is there. I checked it. Neena says, Addu checked. Suparna says, money was inside the cupboard. She asks Addu to tell the truth. Yash says, he wants to save his money and spend our money. He is shrewd businessman like Saanchi. Addu says, I am saying truth. Suparna says, lets check once. Everything will be clear. They come to the room and see the money. Addu is shocked.

Addu tells them that he is not like that. He didn’t lie. He says sorry. Saanchi comes and asks what happened? Suparna tells her that he took the money from Neena. Saanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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