Jeannie aur Dev (DevAkshi ff) Episode 2

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Dev was shocked seeing a Jeannie he kept going backwards

Sona : Arey, please don’t be scared. I won’t do anything thing to u
Dev : Who r u?
Sona : I’m Sona, a Jeannie from Jinland. U have freed me from the bottle and now ur my hero, I’ll call u one too, my hero, I love u

Dev was shocked hearing that from her

Sona : Hero, now we will live in this island a happy family!
Dev : No, no we can’t because I have my house in Mumbai, I work in an airlines, Natasha airlines, I have my family too I can’t leave them.

On the other side in Natasha airlines, Natasha was crying in her cabin while her father Mr. Gujral was consoling her

Gujral : C’mon Natasha chill please, eat something na, look because of u I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches due to ur behaviour and ur not having anything, and tell me if u do this fast of ur’s Dev won’t come back okay, so now be a good girl and eat ur food

Natasha nodes and has her food

On the other side

Dev : Accha Sona ur a Jeannie right? So u can do magic also right
Sona : Haan hero, now tell what u want
Dev : Some food, boht bhook lagi hai

Sona smiles and nodes. She then keeps one hand on top of the other and blinks once and a big table of food comes. Dev was surprised and happy seeing that Sona got a cute smile on her face

Sona : Now eat how much ever u want

Dev ate some food and smiled at her

Sona : Need anything thing else hero?
Dev : Ya can u get me a plane
Soma : Plane??
Dev : Ya u know it has 2 long wings on it’s side and one big nose on it’s front that plane

Sona nodes and again blinks with on hand on top of the other and a vulture appears

Sona : Yeh hai na
Dev : (stammers) Ye..yeh ky..kya layi…h..ho…jaldi…gay….gayab isse jaldi!!!

Sona nodes seeing Dev in fear and blinks again and the vulture goes away

Dev : Sona can u get me a boat
Sona : Hmm ok

She blinks her eyes and the rescue boat which was searching for Dev appeared

Dev : Looks like the rescue boat…thanks Sona

He waves his hand and the people in the boat see him and go towards him

Sona : Hero, can I come with u to ur home please…
Dev : No Sona, thanks for ur help but I need to go now and ur free now free to anywhere u want ok

He pats her cheek and goes front. She looks at his coat which was om the sand and smiles getting an idea. She shrinks herself and goes in his coat pocket with her bottle and hides in there. Soon the boat reaches the shore and takes Dev with him and goes, Dev still doesn’t know about Sona being in his pocket


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  1. Awesome episode dear post the next episode soon.

  2. Wow gal superb loved it so much different style
    Dil khus ho gaya abse aladin Ka chirag nai dev Ka chirag bolna hai
    Plz post next episode sssooooooon
    Waiting ……..

  3. It’s really amazing and different… ??? and Dev working in Natasha airlines… ??? abhi se joru ka ghulam hai… ????….

    1. ?????

  4. AMAZING!!! Please post the next one soon!

  5. This is a copy of the serial Jeanine air Juju.
    Which used to be aired on Sony SAB.
    It was one of my favourite show.
    You just changed the names or else you copied all dialogues and whole story.

  6. Erica

    Inspired by Jeanie and Jiju??its very nice!!!

  7. Rockzzzzzz

    ?????????…i was laughing the whole time…the story is really very different and how sona bought a vulture instead of a plane????…
    post soon

  8. Niki645

    Loved it because story is so different!!!

    Very very nice??

  9. Priya12

    Sry di, I couldn’t cmt on ur 1st part …it was just awesomee….unique story line…post the nxt epi soon

  10. Aarti32

    Awesome..But it’s pretty much similar to Jennie aur juju of Sab TV..

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