Jeanie aur Dev (DevAkshi ff) Promo

Hi guys Rithika here
Hope u remember my sisters ff sorry from her side her boards r still going on and will last for some more time, due to some problems the boards have started late and r going to end late

I’ll try and give her ff if possible, and ya hope u remember Bharti123456 she’s in my sisters school and also in tenth and her friend and as I told boards r on it will take time

I just wanted to convey this message so that u rewind ur memories and I’ll try and post di’s ff soon and mine too

U see I’m busy in school and Tution life

And ya this is my sneak peak link to make u rewind ur memories as that track is coming soon ??????????????

sneak peek

Read it and scare and panick urselfs heeheehaahaa (*evil laugh)

So enjoy and tell me if u want my sisters ff so I’ll post and ya there’s one promo also read that


Sona : Hero, u have to choose one person me or Natasha
Dev : But…
Sona I’m not forcing u im telling u, it’s ur wish is if u choose Natasha I’ll go from ur life and marry those people who came here from that window


Sona : What did hero say who he chose
Rithwick : He didn’t say tht he just said he wants to meet Natasha
Sona : (tears) Ok I’m going back do tell him


Natasha : I want to tell u something Dev
Dev : Even me
Natasha: I love someone
Dev : Even me
Natasha : I love…………
Dev : and I love…………

(Will be reveled later)


Rithwick : Dev she left us she left u she went back to Jinland
Dev : (shock) What!!!!!!!!!????

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  1. Manya

    Plzz post soon

  2. Akshita

    Plzzz post your sister’s ff too?? nd this one is also interesting ☺

  3. Niki645

    Wow interesting pls post soon…, urs and ur sister’s ff!

  4. Aamu

    Interstin yaaar..
    Post soooooooon…
    Nice concept

  5. V.V.harshita

    Awsome dude…and one more u started a ff like dev is a drunken guy and his mom is asha and father bejoy…i hope u did nt forget abt tht ff

    1. Rj12

      hehe I did ?????????
      But I’ll post it soon

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