Su- if yuvani can get a mother, yuvaan can also get a father..
Dadi- oh really? Have u seen urself? Who will marry u?
Sam comes and says- I’ll marry her..
Everybody look on..
Saurabh takes the kids out..
Su- sambhav… Do u know what u’r saying?
Yuv who had drunk half of a glass comes there and throws the glass..
He grabs Sam’s collar and says- how dare u think of marrying my wife?
And gives him a punch..
Soumya got tensed coz he might speak out the truth about their marriage..
Sam gets hit by a pillar and falls down..
Yuv gets on sam and is about to give him a punch more..
Su- yuv leave him..
Yuv stops and looks at her.. She comes and pushes him and he falls down.. All are shocked.. She helps sam to get up..
Dadi- ei ladki.. How dare u push my grandson?
Su- dadi.. U tell ur grandson to stay away from my personal life..
Yuv looks on..
Su- yuv birla.. What the hell is ur prob..?
Yuv- how dare he say that for u?
Su- that has nothing to do with u..
She turns to sam and says- look, we are friends.. But if u wana marry me coz u feel pity for yuvaan or me, then no need.. I don’t wana ruin ur life.. U will get the girl u deserve..
Sam- suhani I’m not doing this coz I feel pity for u.. The truth is that I love u!!
Su and all are stunned..
Su- what??
Yuv- I just knew that he has his dirty eyes on u..
Sam- shut up yuv..
They argue..
Sam brings yuvaan..
Sam- suhani, listen to me.. If not for urself, just think about yuvaan once.. And I will accept ur decision.. I won’t force u..
He goes out from there..
Yuvaan- what happened mumma? Did u fight with sam uncle now?
Su looks at yuvaan..
She kneels down and hugs him..
Bhawana- yuvaan, sam uncle is upset..
Yuvaan- but y?
Bh- we don’t know.. Plz ask him and cheer him up..
Yuv yells- yuvaan u will not go to sam now..
Yuvaan gets scared by the way yuvi shouts..
Su- oh really? So u’ll stop him?
Yuv- yes.. Coz m his father.. And…….
Yuvaan- what? Yuv uncle is my father?
Su was about to say something but dadi said- yes beta.. And this is ur family.. U r yuvaan birla..
Yuvaan looks at su and she nods..
Yuvaan- wow.. Now we will stay together… Yayyyyy….
Su- no beta.. U’ll have to choose.. We can’t be together..
Yuvaan looks at yuv but then he hugs su and says- I don’t want papa.. But I wish I could have him too..
Yuv is deeply hurt and leaves from there in frustration..

Soumya thinks she has to do something to make sure that suhani accepts Sam’s proposal..
Su- sam.. I wana talk to u.. Can u plz come out with me?

They go to the lawn.. Before she could say anything, a waiter comes and serves them cold drink.. Sam takes one and gives it to su.. She refuses but he insists.. She takes it and drinks..

Sam- u wanted to say something?
Su- ya wo…….
Sam’s phone rings.. He excuses.. She drinks..

After ten mins, she starts feeling dizzy.. She puts her hand on her head..
Soumya, who is watching all these, is tensed as her plan may flop coz sam couldn’t be seen..
She sees sam coming and smirks..
Sam sees su is unwell..
He puts his hand around her shoulder and asks- r u alright?
Su- don’t know what happened.. I’m feeling dizzy..
Sam- u come with me.. U need rest now..
Su- m alright..
Sam- no u’r not.. So don’t argue..
He takes her in..
Soumya smirks..

He takes her to a room.. Soumya comes and locks the door from outside..
Sam makes her sit on the bed and gives her a glass of water.. She has it and gets up saying- we need to leave now.. Wherez yuvaan..?
She walks 3 steps and falls down..

Soumya to prat- mummyji u r looking so restless.. did u take ur medicines?
Prat doesn’t answer..
Soumya sees yuvi coming..
Soumya- yuv plzz bring mummyji’s medicines.. Shez too unwell..
Yuvi rushes and opens the door and sees suhani unconscious in sambhav’s arms!!
Yuvi is stunned.. Sam turns back..
He lays suhani on bed..
Yuv loses control and starts beating him badly..
Sam- yuv stop it.. I can also raise my hand..
Yuv- what were u trying to do with suhani? Take advantage of her state?
Sam gives him a punch..
Sam- shut up yuv.. Ur thoughts are too dirty..
Sam tells whatever happened..
Yuv again shouts- stop acting..
Prat comes there and says- yuv.. Calm down.. Its too late now.. We will talk about it in the morning..
He taps his feet and leaves.. Dadi and her angels smirk.. Sam leaves with yuvaan..

PRECAP: Yuv comes to see suhani.. He sees a mosquito on her hand and removes it.. He turns to leave.. She says in unconscious state- sambhav……
Yuvi is stunned..

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Credit to: NAPSHa J

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