SuBhav go to a hotel and book two rooms..They freshen up and go to a restaurant for the treat..

After that, suhani tells sam to go to the hotel with yuvaan..
Sam- where r u going?
Su- got some urgent work..
She leaves..

At BH:
Pr- maaji its sharad’s b’day tomorrow..
Dadi- so??
Pr- I was thinking we should celebrate..
Dadi- hez a guest.. And I know u’r saying this to call suhani here.. And I won’t let that happen..
Pr- sharad is like yuvi for me.. And suhani will come with yuvaan..
Dadi agrees..

Yuv is driving and stops the car near a showroom of fasttrack..
As he enters, we are shown that suhani is also there.. But they don’t see each other.. Su buys two watches and yuvi one.. When they come to the counter for payment they see each other.. But don’t say anything..
As she gives the two watches to the counter boy for billing, yuvi stares at the watches and thinks- one may be for sharad, and the other one? Sambhav? But y? Let it be.. I don’t care..
She pays and leaves.. He looks at her..

Suhani reaches the hotel.. She goes to her room and packs both the watches.. She takes one and goes to Sam’s room where hez playing guitar and singing, and yuvaan is listening to him..
Su- shehenshah, I have bought a new jacket for u.. Just try it..
Yuv- wow mumma.. Wherez it?
Su- in our room..
He leaves..
Su gifts the watch to sam..
Sam- for what?
Su- for whatever u have done for me today.. U don’t know what yuvaan means to me..
Sam- ok ok.. Now don’t get senti.. And thanks.. I think my good days are on the way..
They smile..
He wears the watch..
Yuvaan comes and says- how m I looking?
Sam- like a hero..
Su kisses on his forehead and hugs him..
Sam looks on and thinks- I wish I could make ur life better suhani..

Next morning:
Su and yuv wish sharad over the phone..
Prat calls them and says- we have planned a surprise party for sharad.. We would be happy if u all come, especially shawana.. And we will get some time to spend with u and yuvaan.. But I won’t force u..
Su thinks what to do..

Sam comes and says gm to both..
Sam- what r u thinking?
Su tells everything..
Sam- do u wana go there?
Su- no.. But sharad bhaiya…..
Sam- so u wana go? I won’t let u go alone.. And hez my friend too..
Su agrees..

At BH:
Party begins.. The guests have started to come.. SuBhav enter with yuvaan..
Menka sees and says- look, happy family is coming..
All turn to see.. Yuv fumes and menka observes him.. Dadi smirks..
They come to sharad and wish him.. First su gives the gift on behalf of yuvaan and herself..
Then sam gives a bouquet.. That time, yuvi sees the watch in his hand that suhani had purchased..
Sh- wow sam.. Its my bday and u’r wearing a new watch..
Sam smiles and says- suhani gave..
Yuv (like an angry man)- y? Today its neither ur bday nor friendship day.. Then y did she gift it to u?
Sam (with attitude and smile)- coz she loves me..
Yuv and others looks on..
Su- sambhav……
Sam- ok ok chill.. Don’t u loveme as a friend?
Su looks away..
Sam (looking at yuv)- I gave her that happiness permanently which somebody tried to snatch from her..
Yuv fumes and leaves from there..

Sharad cuts the cake..
Then all the couples dance.. Yuvaan was with yuvi that time.. He sees su talking to pratima and tells him to dance with su.. He feels ackward.. Yuvaan drags him and takes him to su.. He tells them to dance.. And goes away..
Yuv forwards his hand to su but she forwards her hand to sam who just came to her that time..
Sam gives his hand and they move to the dance floor..
Laal ishq plays..
Sam looks at su..
Su looks at yuvi, and then ignores him..
Yuvi starts drinking..

After the dance, su tells yuvaan that they have to leave now..
Yuvaan- mumma plzz.. Some more time plzz..
Dadi sees..
Dadi- ladki.. If yuvaan wants to spend some time here then let him stay na.. U go if u want..
Su- if i’ll tell u to send yuvani with me for an hour, will u?
Dadi- yuvani won’t agree to go with u.. And yuvani has her mother.. But yuvaan doesn’t have his father..
Su- if yuvani can get a mother, yuvaan can also get a father..
Dadi- oh really? Have u seen urself? Who will marry u?
Sam comes and says- I’ll marry her..
Everybody look on..

PRECAP: Heated argument between yuvi and sam..

Guys, was the epi interesting? What did u like the most? I mean, any particular scene or dialogue? Do leave a comment.. And suggestions are also welcome.. 🙂

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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  4. Big wala thank u.. 🙂
    Guys do u want yuvani reunion in the next epi or wait for 2-3 epis?

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    1. I would go by the majority.. As in earlier episodes, all wanted yuvani’s reunion asap……

  6. cool episode napsha… yuvi defintly more jealousing when subhav together
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