During the break:
Su comes out of the court room and stands upset in a corner..
Sam comes to her and assures her..
Yuv sees them together..
YuvAni have an eye-lock.. Su holds Sam’s hand and leaves from there..
SL is missing.. SuBhav get worried.. Sam goes to the judge and says that he himself will fight for suhani.. And requests for an hour to prepare.. The judge agrees..

Sam calls yuv..
Sam- Y did u marry soumya?
Yuv- coz su left us and yuvani needed a mother..
Sam- Y did she need a mother when u were there? Couldn’t u be a dad as well as a mom to ur daughter?
Yuv- Yuvani was a new-born baby and she needed a mother..
Sam- It means u agree that yuvaan too needed his mother more than u.. Then his custody should be handed over to his mom..
Yuv- I married soumya for yuvani and Krishna as well.. I could……
Sam- Don’t try to divert the topic.. U may leave now..
He goes back to his seat..
Sam calls pratima..
Sam- tell us something about suhani.. Or y did u choose her for ur son..
Prat tells everything..
Sam- Do u know that today shez the best FD in Lucknow and many people work in her fashion house?
All are shocked..
Menka says- suhani jiji and fashion designer??
And she faints..
Rags shakes her..
Prat- its good that shez doing well..
Sam- suhani isn’t interested in luxury n all.. But still she changed herself and her attitude and did everything for her son.. To give him a lifestyle which he would have led in birla house.. If she wanted, she could have married a rich man for that.. But she didnt.. Shez a perfect example of a single mother..
Dadi and her gang look on..
Sam calls suhani..
Sam- even u could ask for yuvani’s custody, then y didn’t u do that?
Su- coz she considers yuv and soumya as her parents and is very happy with them in BH.. I don’t want to snatch her happiness.. And she might start hating me if I take her away..
Sam continues- I request u to hand over yuvaan’s custody to suhani.. Otherwise it will be an injustice with a mother..

Suhani wins the case.. Dadi and yuv fume.. Ragsmen and soumya smirk..
Prat, shawana and sourav are happy and teary- eyed..

Suhani smiles with teary- eyes and thanks sam..
Sam- I told u na.. Now plzz don’t be kanjus.. I want a treat..
Su- ya sure..

SuBhav reach the outhouse with pratima and shawana.. The kids were playing there.. Suhani asks yuvaan to get ready as they would be leaving soon.. Yuvani and Krishna get upset..
Pratima hugs yuvaan..
Sam gives them chocolates..
Yuvaan and golu take their share.. But before Y&K could take them, yuvraj comes and throws them away..
SuBhav and the kids look on stunned..
Sam- y r u misbehaving yuv?
Yuv to kids- suhani aunty says u shouldn’t accept anything from strangers..
Su bursts out- yuv.. Sam isn’t a stranger.. Hez my……
Yuv interrupts- ur what??
Su- it’s useless to talk to u..
She picks up the chocs and says to Y&K- I’m ur mumma’s best friend, so I’m like ur mausi.. Now u can take it na..
They smile, take the chocs kiss her and go out to play..
Yuvaan- mumma where are we going?
Su- back to Lucknow..
Yuv fumes..
Yuvaan and golu also go out..
Dadi comes with rags and soumya to call yuv..
Dadi- what happened yuv beta? Now what did this ladki do?
Sam- dadiji, can’t u call her by name?
Dadi- no.. What will u do?
Sam fumes and says- suhani let’s go..
Dadi- go wherever u want.. And don’t come back again..

Sam’s phone beeps..
Sam- su our flight has been cancelled.. And we will have to wait for 4 days more..
Su- what?? Plz find a way out.. I can’t stay here even for a day more..
Yuv and prat look on..

Prat- su I know I can’t stop u now, but if u want u can stay here..
Saying this, she leaves from there..
Sam- su now I won’t let u stay here..
Su- we will stay in a hotel..
SuBhav leave with yuvaan..

Su- if yuvani can get a mother, yuvaan can also get a father..
Dadi- oh really? Have u seen urself? Who will marry u?
Sam comes and says- I’ll marry her..
Everybody look on..

Guys r u enjoying this ff? Sambhav has already entered the show, so I’ll discontinue with this ff if u want.. And will continue with ‘DESTINED TO MEET’ only.. So plz do comment..

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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    1. Dear all of us know that in the end it will be yuvani and not subhav..

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  8. Hai NAPSHaJ,i’m one of the silent reader till now bt i think to tell my opinion now..first its gng on r8 path..i lyk the way of your writting…and please unite YuvAni…..I lyk the chatacter of Sambhav an positive character and a gud example for friend bt i don’t lyk the pair of SuBhav….Anywayss keep continue ur ff..

  9. Pls don’t end this. It’s really going well. I lov it. Humble request Napsha. Can u make Subhav to be the end pair?

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  11. First of all, a big thanks to all of u for ur support and suggestions..
    All I can say is that in the end, it will be YuvAni.. Otherwise the old witch will win and I hate her.. So I can’t let her win.. Just that u will have to wait for 5-6 more episodes.. So have patience..

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    1. Thanks for the compliments.. 🙂

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