Suhani gets up late night due to a bad dream and hugs yuvaan.. Shez scared and teary-eyed.. She takes him and tries to run away.. She lays yuvaan in the back seat and is about to get into the car when somebody holds her hand..
Su- leave my hand.. This time u cant stop me yuvraj birla..
She sees its sambhav..
Sam- su where r u going at this time??
Su- i wl go far away with yuvaan.. Else yuvi will……
Sam- i’m with u suhani, and trust me, nobody can separate u from ur son.. A mother from her child.. We will answer the birlas in the court..
Su nods and says in mind- i hate u yuv..
Sam wipes her tears and she places her head on his chest.. Cold wind blows.. Sam feels something.. He hesitates and hugs her back and pacifies her..
He picks up yuvaan and goes into the outhouse.. He tells suhani to relax.. She finally sleeps.. As hez about to leave, she holds his hand.. He slowly removes her hand and walks out to the lawn..

He recalls everything that happened with her in BH..
He thinks- y m I feeling so bad.. Its true that I can’t see my friend in this state.. And I will help her.. But y is it affecting me so much??

Next morning, sam gives some papers to su and asks her to think over it.. She says- its right.. I don’t need to think over it again..
Sam enters BH and calls for yuvi..
Yuv- how dare u come in front of me? Get out from here..
Sam- even I’m not interested in talking to ungrateful people like u..
Prat comes there- arey sam beta.. Howz su now?
Sam- shez fine aunty.. She has sent these papers.. Plz give it to ur son and tell him to sign it..
Yuv looks on..
P- what’s this?
S (looking at yuv)- divorce papers..
Yuv and prat are stunned..
Sam leaves..

Yuv looks at the papers and then at her sign.. He recalls what Rohan did..
Yuv- its Sam’s plan.. I won’t leave him..
He goes out and sees suhani gossipping with yuvaan and looks very happy..
Yuv walks towards su but sam comes in his way..
Sam- what do u want now?
Yuv- I wana talk to su and u get out of my way..
They argue and shout..
Su comes there..
Su- I hope u have signed the papers..
Yuv gets upset and says- su how could u do that?? Do u want divorce??
Su- yes..
Yuv doesn’t know what to say..
SuBhav leave from there..
Yuv sits down on his knees heartbroken and cries..

SuBhav try to get a lawyer but they are unsuccessful..
She finally contacts the lawyer who helped in gauri’s case.. He agrees but charges high and that too in advance.. She agrees..

When she comes back, she finds prat, shawana and sourav in the outhouse..
Yuvaan asks- mumma where did u go with sam uncle?
Su looks at sam..
Sam too looks at her and asks- do u love ur mumma?
Y- the most.. U can’t live without her.. But y r u asking this?
A teardrop falls from suhani’s eye and she wipes it..
Sam- aise hi..
Yuvaan asks su- mumma, y r u crying?
She hugs him..
Sourav- yuvaan, ur mumma also loves u a lot..
Pr- And I will make sure that nobody separates u from her..
Su looks on..
P- now u go and play with yuvani and Krishna..
He leaves..

Su- I’m sorry maa.. Today u’r going against ur son for me..
Pr- no beta.. M sorry.. If I hadn’t stopped u from leaving, this wouldn’t have happened..
Yuv comes there and throws the signed papers on the table..
Y- now happy?
Su- that’s none of ur business.. U can leave now..
Y- who r u to tell me that? This is my house..
Pr- shut up yuv.. U go from here..
Su- no maa.. Let him say.. Hez right.. Its his house.. Don’t worry yuv, after winning this case I will leave not only this house, but Allahabad too..
Yuv grins and says- we will see who wins..
He leaves..

(Only the required dialogues have been mentioned..
YL- Yuvi’s lawyer; SL- Suhani’s lawyer)

YL calls suhani..
YL- 6 yrs ago, y did u leave BH?
Su- y r u asking all these? It has…….
YL- Suhani ji ans my question..
Su tells the reason..
YL- So, for ur mistake, u wanted to leave, ok fine I understand.. But who gave u the right to take away both the kids?
Su- I’m their mother.. And I took only yuvaan with me………
YL- But u would have taken away yuvani too if chandrakala ji hadn’t lied to u.. Yuv birla is their dad and he has equal rights on his son..
Suhani tries to say something but YL doesn’t let her speak and requests the judge to hand over yuvaan’s custody to his dad..
Dadi and her gang smirk..
YuvAni look at each other..
Then suhani looks at sambhav.. He gives her an assuring look that she will win..
She nods with teary eyes..

Therez a break of 15 mins..

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Credit to: NAPSHa J

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