Guys, ignore the precap as in every ff we are getting to see suhani’s accident..
Suhani goes to meet pankaj and lata with shawana, golu, sambhav and yuvaan in the morning..

Suhani and all enter the house.. Pankaj and lata are shocked.. Pankaj hugs shawana but is angry with suhani.. Lata hugs suhani.. They introduce yuvaan and sambhav..

Yuvraj looks for suhani.. And then notices yuvaan and sambhav are also not there..

Lata asks pankaj to forgive suhani.. After hours, he hugs suhani.. All are happy..
In the evening, shawana leave but suhani refuses..
Su- I will leave Allahabad tomorrow morning so I wana spend some time here.. We will come later..
Sam also stays..

Shawana reach BH.. All were in the hall..
Dadi- where did u all go? And wherez yuvaan?
Sh tells everything..
Yuvi, prat are shocked..
Dadi and gang smile..
Yuv angrily goes to his room and says- su I won’t let u take yuvaan away from me..

At night,
Su reaches BH and goes directly to the outhouse..
Sam- su I have booked the tickets.. We have to leave around 10.30 am..
Su thanks him..
Yuvaan- mumma I m going to yuv uncle..
Su allows him..
Sam- won’t u meet anybody?
Su thinks to meet prat and all..
They enter BH..

Yuvaan rushes to yuv’s room..
SuBhav are in the hall..
She tells that they are leaving next morning..
Yuv comes and says- u can go wherever u wana go with ur sambhav, but yuvaan will stay here.. I have applied for his custody..
SuBhav are shocked..
Yuv gives them a copy of the papers..
Su cries seeing the papers..
Dadi, soumya, ragsmen smirk..
Prat- yuv what the hell is this? U said that u won’t snatch yuvaan from her..
Su calls out yuvaan.. He comes to her and says- mumma yuv uncle gave me so many chocolates, see..
Su looks at yuvi with hatred and says- beta I told u na that we shouldn’t accept gifts from strangers..
She takes the chocolates and throws them on yuvi’s face..
Yuvi looks on angrily- m not a stranger to him..
Su- yuvaan u go to the outhouse..
Yuv- yes champ.. Spend a night more with ur mom..
Yuvaan leaves..
Sam- yuv u’r doing wrong.. How can u……
Yuv- u shut up.. Who are u to interfere?
Sh- guru u’r doing wrong..
Yuv- obv u will support su.. After all, u’r her puppet..
Bh- just keep quiet yuvi.. U have become so arrogant..
Su- di hez like this only.. For him, only hez right.. Always.. But I won’t let him separate my son from me.. Yuv birla, I will answer u for these papers..
Tears are still flowing from her eyes..
Su turns to leave and faints..
Sam lifts her and takes her to the outhouse..

Prat slaps yuvi..
Dadi- prat how dare u..
P- I’m ashamed to call u my son.. It was my mistake that I got suhani married to u..
Dadi- thank god.. U realised that u ruined yuvi’s life..
P- no dadi.. I have ruined suhani’s life..
They look on..
She leaves with shawana..

Sam lays su on bed and sprinkles water.. She gets conscious an calls for yuvaan..
Sam- relax su, hez here.. Sleeping beside u..
She hugs yuvaan..
Sam gets teary-eyed seeing her condition..

Plz do comment how was the epi.. Should I continue?

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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    I really like it

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    Mindblowing epi napsha j……… I wish CVs read this and show the same……… Next epi???????

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