Yuvaan is sleeping and suhani is thinking about all that happened..
Suddenly there’s a knock on the door.. She opens..
Its yuv..
He says- I wana tell u something..
She- tell fast..
He- let’s forget everything and start afresh with our kids..
She looked stunned and asked- what r u saying?
He held her hand and said- I want to spend the rest of my life with my family- with u, yuvaan and yuvani..
She gets rid of his hold and says- r u out of ur mind? Don’t forget that u r somebody’s husband now..
He burst out- shez not my wife.. We never married..

Suhani is shocked.. Tears start rolling down her eyes..
Yuv cups her face and says- now don’t cry.. Our good days will come..
She removes his hand and says- wah.. U know what, today is a worse day than the one when I got to know that u have married soumya..
Yuv looks on..
She continues- u fetched my best friend into our bedroom without marrying her.. And since 6 yrs, u have cheated all.. And now u’r expecting me to come back to u..
Yuv- suhani I didn’t marry her coz I still love u..
Su- just keep shut.. If ur love was true, u would have waited for me..
Yuv- y don’t u understand? I stayed with her for yuvani.. She needed a mother..
Su- even yuvaan needed a father.. If I had stayed with sambhav like that and today I tell u to accept me, would u?
Yuv looks stunned..
She asks him to leave from there..
He leaves and she cries..

Yuv comes back to his room and tells soumya that he has told the truth to suhani.. Soumya is shocked..
Yuv- but shez very hurt.. We need to convince her before she leaves from here..
Soumya nods and thinks she has to do something soon..

Next morning
Sambhav comes and sees suhani upset..
Sam- what happened?
Su- nothing..
She walks and he holds her hand..
Sam- plz suhani.. I wana know what’s wrong..
She recalls yuvi’s words and gets teary eyed..
Sam- suhani….
She places her head on his chest and cries.. He pacifies her..
Yuvi and soumya see the scene.. Soumya smiles seeing yuvi fuming.. Yuvi leaves from there..

Sam- ok I won’t ask u anything.. Prat aunty called for breakfast..
Yuvaan comes and says- mumma let’s go na.. M hungry..
Sam picks him up in his arms and they leave..

The trio enter BH like a happy family.. Su walks forward and sam follows with yuvaan..
SuBhav sit beside each other..
Yuv looks at su and says- I’m done..
He gets up but she doesn’t look at him..

After breakfast, sam goes to shawana’s room..
Sam- plz tell me what’s bothering suhani.. I know u know it all.. Plz.. Tum dono ko golu ki kasam..
They tell him everything.. Hez stunned..

Suhani is sitting on a bench in the lawn..
Sam comes there..
Sam- what r u thinking?
Su- I wana go back to Lucknow.. Today itself..
Sam- ok.. I will try to book the tickets..
She nods..
Dadi hears and smiles..

Su- before leaving, I would like to meet my parents once..
Sam- come I will take u..
Su- I will go with yuvaan in taxi..
Sam- r u sure?
Su- yup..

PRECAP: Suhani meets with an accident..

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Credit to: NAPSHa J

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