Rags- we will spin the bottle twice.. The person at whom it will point after the first spin will ask anything to the person at whom it will point in the second spin..
All were happy..

First it came soumya to suhani..
So- ans honestly.. When are u planning to leave BH?
Su, yuv, prat, etc are stunned.. Dadi and gang laugh..
Su- what type of question is this?
So- no.. Don’t take me wrong.. I thought that for yuvaan……
Su- I will leave once the vacations are over..

Next was menka to sambhav..
Menka- sam what type of a girl u would like to marry?
Sam- somebody like suhani..
Yuv looks on..
Rags (gritting her teeth)- suhani is a single piece.. Therez nobody like her..
Sam- then I’ll marry suhani..
YuvAni look on.. Yuv frowns and sharad smiles seeing the jealousy on yuvi’s face..
Menka- but how can…
Yuv interrupted- menka, stop it now..
All look at him..
Yuv- ask it in ur next chance..
He looks angrily at suhani..

Next comes yuvi to suhani..
They feel ackward..
Yuv- if u get a chance to wish something right now and it would be fulfilled, what would u ask for?
Su (looking at him): to go back to Lucknow with my kids..
Yuv, dadi, etc fume..
Sam- but u have only one kid, yuvaan..
Su- I mean that only..

Next came rags to sam..
Rags- y do u want a girl like suhani? I mean what do u like about her?
Su- what the hell is going on? Don’t u have any other question?
Rags- I’m just helping him.. Don’t overreact..
Sam- coz shez different.. Independent, friendly, loving, caring.. I like the way she has raised yuvaan all alone.. If it would have been her hubby or any other girl in her place, I bet he/she would have remarried..

Yuv grins and leaves from there..
Soumya- what happened yuv?
He didn’t ans and went to the lawn and recalled whatever was said in the game..
After sometime, suhani walks towards the outhouse..
Yuv sees her and says- suhani.. I need to talk to u..
Su stops but doesn’t look back..
Yuv- what the hell was that? Y didn’t u say anything when sambhav told he will marry u?
Su turns and looks into his eyes and says- who r u to ask me that?
Yuv looks here and there.. Then he says- oh.. So u were enjoying it.. Good.. Go ahead with ur FRIEND..
Su shouts- Yuvraj… Mind ur language..
She turns to leave.. He holds her hand and pulls her closer.. They have an eye-lock..
Yuvaan comes and says- mumma I’m feeling sleepy..
Suhani leaves from there with yuvaan..

Yuv goes back.. He sees sambhav getting frank with everyone and grins.. He goes to his room..

PRECAP: Suhani cries and hugs sambhav.. Somraj sees.. Soumya smiles and yuvi fumes..

Guys was this epi interesting? Plz do comment.. 🙂

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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