I felt like punching sambhav hard..
I said- we are friends.. We know each other long before I married soumya..
I went towards my room.. But didn’t enter..
The kids were playing in the room with sambhav..
Sam- would u all like to go to amusement park in the evening?
Yuvaan became very happy and said- yes friend..
Yuvani and Krishna had to go to a friend’s bday party, so they refused..
I thought to myself- if all of it hadn’t happened, i would have had my own little and happy family.. With kids and…….

I turned to leave and collided with suhani.. She was about to fall and I held her.. Eyelock.. I could see that pain in her eyes and I knew she could see the same in mine.. We got back to our senses when yuvaan came and said- mumma, can I go to amusement park with friend?
Su- y not my shehenshah..
They kissed each other..

It was a treat for me to watch my wife…….oops..suhani and yuvaan like that.. So happy they were.. The only sad part was that I wasn’t a part of it..

Later, dadi got to know about it and she came shouting and calling out suhani’s name.. All gathered there, except sambhav..
D- r u mad suhani? Is this the way u will take care of yuvaan?
I interrupted- dadi what happened?
D- shez sending yuvaan with a stranger..
Su (angrily)- dadi hez my friend and we know each other since 4 years..
D- so what? He has come to Allahabad for the first time.. And probably he doesn’t even know where the park is..
Maa- maaji, Sam is not a kid.. He will take care of yuvaan.. And they are too frank, so y to worry?
D- prat u don’t take his side now..
Su- ok fine.. I will also go with them..
Dadi left.. Yuvaan was too happy.. And me…… I looked at her.. She was looking at yuvaan..

In the evening:
I was sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.. Not actually reading it.. Suhani and yuvaan got ready and came out.. She looked stunning as usual.. I couldn’t get my eyes off her..

Sam also came..
Sam- suhani let’s take a selfie..
Su- uff.. U always look for a chance to click pics..
Sam- that’s y I’m a photographer..
They laughed and took selfie.. Yuvaan- wow mumma.. U look great with friend.. Let me also take ur pic together..
Sam- ya sure.. And I will make it my Fb dp..
I was burning in the fire of jealousy!!
Then suhani called yuvaan also and they took selfie..
They were about to leave.. Just then, sharad came and said- sam can u plz come with me? Some urgent work is there..
Sam- but we are…..
Su- sam u go.. I will take him to the park..
I was kinda relieved.. I saw sharad turned back and winked at me.. I made an angry face but thanked him by heart..
After he left, I got up and said- suhani, can I also join u?
She looked on..
Me- I mean, I wana spend some time with yuvaan..
She nodded.. We left..

Before I could open the door of the front seat of my vintage car, she sat in the back seat with yuvaan..

In the park:
Yuvaan- mumma let’s take that ride..
Su- no beta.. Not that one.. U get severe headache whenever u go for it..
I interrupted- suhani, u r a darpok.. Spare this lil kid at least..
I laughed..
Su- yuv its not a joke and I can’t risk his life..
Yuvaan- mumma, yuv uncle will take care of me.. Plz plz plz mumma..
Like a loving mother she agreed..
Su- but I will also join the two yuvs..

We got on.. It was thrill.. Su was even more scared than yuvaan..
After the ride, yuvaan said- mumma i will get kulfi..
Su- yuvaan, get 2..
Then she looked at me and taunted- ur yuv uncle doesn’t like unhygienic stuff..
I raised my eyebrows and said- get 3..

He came back and said- we were late.. There were only 2..
I said- ur mumma was right.. I don’t eat all these..
Su- u take it yuv.. I will have something else..
We were arguing when yuvaan interrupted- it’s already melting.. Both of u share it..
I recalled old days.. A tear fell from her eye.. She wiped it..
I just took a bite and handed over the kulfi to her.. She had it unwillingly..
We had lots of fun in the park..
I wished if the time could stand still!!

We reached home.. The entire family was sitting in a circle.. They were playing some game I guessed!!

Menka: yuv bhaiya, we have decided to play truth or dare..
Yuv: i’m tired.. U all enjoy..
Soumya irked..
Dadi: soumya go and call yuv..
Soumya nodded..
Sam and sharad too came home and asked suhani and yuvaan also to join the game as they were about to leave..
Yuv too joined..
Menka- sambhav u know u’r very smart and handsome..
Sam- thanks menka ji.. But u don’t look smart..
All laughed..
Menka- what do u mean?
Sam- u behave like a foolish..
Prat- beta for how many days are u here in Allahabad?
Sam- till suhani is here..
Yuv irked..

Sharad, suhani and yuvaan sat down.. Yuv was looking.. Sharad saw him and said- guru come na, the game is about to start..
Yuv walked on and sharad moved a lil so that yuvani could sit together..
They looked at each other and then looked straight..
And then came sam..
Yuvaan- friend, come na..
He came and sat between suhani and yuvaan..

Menka- sam what type of a girl he would like to marry?
Sam- somebody like suhani..
Yuv looks on..
Rags (gritting her teeth)- suhani is a single piece.. Therez nobody like her..
Sam- then I’ll marry suhani..
YuvAni look on.. Yuv frowns and sharad smiles seeing him..

Guys how was the epi? Do comment for sure.. Also mention the scene or the dialogue u enjoyed the most.. 🙂

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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