Suhani’s tears fall on the letter and it gets completely wet.. The kids cry and ask the elders- what happened to papa? He died or what?
Suhani doesn’t respond..
Prat explains them that he will be fine..

Yuvi is taken to the hospital.. The docs take him to the ICU..
Sam tells su that yuv will get well soon.. He pacifies her..
She leans against the wall and recalls good times with yuv.. She becomes totally oblivious of where she is and what’s happening..
Bhawana shakes her.. Tears are flowing from her eyes as well.. But she doesn’t respond.. She goes to the temple in the hospital and prays for yuv.. She lights up a diya and keeps it on her palm and says- I will sit here with this diya unless yuv wakes up..
Bh and prat hears this..
They try to stop her from doing this, but she doesn’t listen..

Some oil falls on her palm and it turns kinda red due to the lightning of the diya..

After an hour, the doc comes out and says- Mr. Birla is out of danger now, but he needs complete rest..
Sh thanks him and asks- can we meet him?
Doc- not all of u, any one of u can go.. He needs rest now..
Prat tells him to call suhani.. He nods and goes to give her the good news..
Suhani feels off a burden on hearing it.. She thanks God for saving yuv’s life and goes with him..

Bh tells su to meet yuv first..
Su- no.. Its all coz of me.. I can’t face him.. Maa, u see him now..
Prat- he needs u more than me.. And if he will see u there, he will recover faster..
Su walks towards the ICU but stops when her eyes fall on her fiance.. She looks at him.. He nods with a smile.. She too nods and smiles with her eyes teary..

Su opens the door and gets in..
She sits beside him and cries harder..
“I’m sorry yuvraj.. Plz wake up.. Plz.. ”
She sees a lil movement in his hand.. She looks at him.. He slowly opens his eyes.. Seeing this, su smiles..
Yuv looks at su and tries to call out her name, but can’t.. She tells him to rest and not to speak.. He tries to remove his oxygen mask..
Su stops him and scolds him- r u mad? Y r u removing it??
Yuv- coz u supply me oxygen, not this mask..
She looks on..
They have an eye-lock..
He too bursts into tears..
Su- y did u do this?
Yuv- woh…..suha…..
Su interrupts angrily- did u even think about maa and sharad bhaiya? About yuvaan? He needs u.. And did u think about me? How will I live without u?
She realises what she just said..
Yuv- y do u need me? U said that u don’t love me..
Su- I was angry.. That’s y I said no.. If u say anything when u’r angry, its acceptable; and if I do the same, I mean it? Y is this differentiation??
Yuv- then what’s the truth?
Su- that yuvaan needs u..
Yuv- and u?
Su nods and says- the most.. I need u yuv.. I want my family back.. I want to spend the rest of my life with my children and their dad.. And u have no right to snatch this right from me..
Yuv smiles with tears..
Su- do u think I’m having fun sitting here?
Yuv- i always need to lie on a stretcher to convince u.. Right?
Su looks away..
Yuv- if I knew I need to do it again, I would have done it long back..
Su (angrily)- just shut up.. I will give u a tight slap if u ever even think of doing such things again.. Next time I won’t be sitting here.. Instead, I will also do the same and probably I won’t ever wake up!!
Yuv holds her hand and feels it’s oily and asks- u were having something oily or what?
He sees her hand.. Its red.. He smells it and understands..
Yuv- su.. How could u do that? If something happened……
Su interrupts- its nothing in front of what u have done..
Yuv- promise me that u won’t ever do that..

Su gets up.. Her kurti gets stuck on the stretcher.. She falls back on her seat with her face right on top of his, with a gap of an inch..
They have an intense eyelock..

Prat and sharad enter the ICU..
Prat- suhani.. Yuv..
Seeing them, su moves away..
Sh- sorry..
They leave smiling..

Su- I should leave now and send maa..
She leaves from there..
As she steps out, she starts crying..
Menka- what happened suhani jiji? U won’t marry sam?
Su looks on..
Menka- if u didn’t want to, u should have said directly.. Y do u break hearts? Do u enjoy…..
Su interrupts- I haven’t thought about it, so plz stop it.. Let yuv recover first..
She leaves from there.. Yuv hears everything..

Su takes complete care of him and after 2 days, he is to be discharged..
Prat- now I will get both of u married soon..
YuvAni look at each other..
Su- maa….
Yuv- enough suhani.. Plz don’t make excuses.. Do u enjoy troubling me? Then fine… Find some other ways..
Su- but yuv..
Yuv interrupts- and maa.. I don’t trust her..
He gets up..
Sau- u need complete rest yuv..
Yuv- no bhaiya.. I need mental peace before that..
He holds suhani’s hand and walks out of the ICU.. The family members follow and try to talk to him as nobody can understand what he is upto..

Yuv comes out of the hospital.. He forces su to get into the car and starts driving..
Su keeps asking questions but he doesn’t answer..
The car stops outside BH..
Yuv takes su to the house temple.. All come there..

Yuv- Suhani.. Do u remember I always said that I don’t care what u do? That I don’t care with whom u make relations? That I don’t need u and love u anymore?
Both of them are teary eyed..
Yuv continues- I got angry on whatever u did or said.. Just coz I wanted to hide the love I still have for u in my heart.. What to do.. I have a giant ego.. I wanted u to feel the same pain that I have suffered since u left.. Just to satisfy my ego..But its also true that I can’t see u in pain.. I can’t hurt u intentionally..

Su- yuvraj.. What do u wana say? Speak to the point?
Yuv kneels down and says- Do u remember, here in front of God and the family, I had broken all ties with u? Today I wana join them again here itself.. Forever..
All look on..
Yuv- I’m sorry for all my mistakes.. For the times I have hurt u.. For getting angry on u.. For ur pain..
Su doesn’t speak a word but tears continue to roll down her cheeks..
Yuv- will u forgive me suhani? Will u come back in my life again? Answer me..
Su nods with a smile..
All r happy to see this..

Su- first u promise me that u will never get angry on anybody..
Yuv- ok then tell ur sambhav not to hang around u always..
He realises what he just said..
All laugh.. YuvAni look at sam..
He comes to them and says- yuv, don’t worry, I’m leaving Allahabad today.. All the best to both of u for ur life ahead..
They hug each other..
Yuv fills her maang.. And they hug each other.. The kids are very happy..

Its evening time.. Birla men come back home from work.. Rags serves them water.. Yuv asks for suhani..
Rags smiles and says- yuv.. Have water.. Shez at home only..
His bros tease him and he leaves to his room..
But shez not there..
Just then su comes to the room..
Yuv- su, what’s this?
Su- what?
Yuv- why is this towel on the sofa?
Su- uff.. U and ur habits..
Yuv- plz keep it back..
Su makes faces and removes it from there.. And finds a jewellery set..
Both smile without looking at each other..
Su opens the box.. Its a diamond necklace..
She smiles and thinks- sadu Kumar still doesn’t know how to express himself.. Fine.. Now I will take it from ur hands only..
Su- yuv plz take ur gift..
Yuv- ya.. Its mine.. My secretary gifted me and asked me to wear it today..
Both laugh..
Su turns back..
He takes it and puts it around her neck..
Yuv- like it?
Su- yaa…. Its so pretty.. Thank u..
The 4 kids come there and see the necklace..
Yuvani- mumma, who gave u this?
Su- ur papa..
Kri- daddu what did u get for us?
He thinks what to say..
Su- he told me that he will take both of u to ur favourite cafe..
The kids dance in joy and leave to get ready..
Su- ur ‘thank u’ is accepted..
Yuv- oh really? U should also join us..
Su- no.. I have got some urgent work at the fashion house.. I will leave in 15 mins.. U go with sharad bhaiya..
Yuv (upset and folding his arms around his chest)- ok.. If u don’t have time for us, what can I do..
Su- yuv wo…….
He looks on..
She kisses him and leaves smiling.. He too smiles..

At night..
Suhani opens her journal and starts:
“Today I have got everything that I wanted years ago.. Dadi has accepted me with all her heart and we have forgiven her too.. Ragsmen consider me as their sis.. And somu.. We took back our complaints against her as we could see that yuvani and Krishna were missing her..
We have shifted our fashion house here.. Now it has 3 partners- me, sharad bhaiya and somu.. Somu stays with Krishna in the outhouse and pays rent every month.. She has realised her mistakes and changed a lot.. And sam.. Hez still our photographer.. I hope he gets married to a nice girl soon..”
She turns off her laptop and goes to sleep..

*****THE END*****

Guys I hope u enjoyed the epi, and also the ff as a whole.. Do leave ur valuable comments.. U may also share what did u like the most.. 🙂

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