YuvAni are shocked to hear soumya’s demands..
Yuv shouts- how could u do this? Yuvani is also ur daughter..
Sou- Krishna is also ur daughter but u didn’t fight for her rights with dadi.. If it was yuvaan, u would have left no stone unturned to live with him.. So if u can differentiate between own child and step-child, then y can’t I?? I will call u tomorrow and tell where to bring the papers and money..
She hangs up..

Suhani leaves from there and cries recalling moments spent with yuvani and sam..
Yuvaan comes and asks for sam, y&k..
Yuvi comes and says- sam has gone to Lucknow for some work and y&k also went with him.. They will be back soon.. Now u play with golu..
Yuvaan leaves..
Su looks at yuv angrily and leaves.. Yuv looks on..

Krishna tries to free yuvani/sam but is caught by soumya and she scolds her..
At night, suhani receives a msg from soumya’s number- aunty plz save yuvani and sam uncle..
She also sends the name of a famous shop she could see from the window..
YuvAni, sharad and saurabh leave.. They find the old building and enter.. They see sam who is unconscious and is tied to a rope in a corner..
Su- sambhav..
Yuv- su u wait here.. We will bring both of them..
Su- no.. I will also come.. Let’s not waste time now..
They move towards sam and the goons come in between.. They fight with the birla boys and 2 of them hold su..
She shouts- leave me…….sambhav….wake up…..yuv….
Sam gets a lil conscious..
Yuv sees and bashes them off and screams- HOW DARE U TOUCH MY SUHANI?
He beats one of the 2 so badly that the other one leaves the building..
Su frees sam..
Soumya comes out hearing the noise.. Shez stunned to see the scene outside.. She claps..
All look at her..
Su- wherez yuvani soumya?
Sou- just like u found out sam, find ur daughter too..
Sam points towards the room and says- save yuvani..
They find the room locked..
Sh- guru we need to break the door..
BBs break the door but yuvani isn’t there..
Sou laughs and says- I had already shifted her in the evening.. If u have time, u can search in all the rooms of this building.. Suddenly someone pushes sou from behind.. She turns to see, its kri..
Sou is shocked.. Kri runs to su.. She hugs her.. Kri gives her the keys and shows her the room..
Su thanks her and opens the door.. Its absolutely dark.. Yuvani is lying on the floor.. Su wakes her up and she panics and screams- mumma…..papa…..andhera….plz take me out from here..

Su cries and takes her out of that room..
YuvAni then go to sou and give her 2 tight slaps each and give lecture..
They turn to leave..
Sam- let’s take a selfie..
Yuv makes an angry face..
Su- sam r u mad??
Sam- yes.. For u..
Yuv looks on..
He turns his front camera on while walking and sees sou coming behind yuv with a rod.. He pushes yuv and loses balance due to which his legs get badly injured by the rod.. All r stunned with this.. Su slaps her again and they tie her there and take sam to the hospital.. Sau drops the kids home and goes to the hospital..

Next morning, they get soumya arrested..

In the hospital:
Doc- hez fine but his legs have got paralysed.. He can’t walk now..
All are shocked..
Sau- does he know about it?
Doc- yes..

They meet him..
Su- how r u feeling now?
Sam- I’m fine..
Su cries..
Sam- uff.. Dont cry.. Let’s take a selfie..
She smiles..
Yuv- I’m sorry sam.. It’s all coz of me..
Sam- its ok..
Yuv- can I ask u something?
Sam- I know what’s it.. I did it for myself..
Yuv- I didn’t get u..
Sam- to be direct, I know su loves u a lot.. And I love her.. If anything happened to u, she would have broken.. And I couldn’t see that..
All look at him..
Sam- Su, can u do something for me?
Su- just say it..
Sam- now I won’t be able to take pheras with u.. So will u marry yuv??
YuvAni look on..


All 4 of them cry recalling the incidents and sleep..

Next morning, all come for the Puja.. As it gets over,
Yuv- suhani.. I think we should forget everything and…. Let’s start afresh for our kids..
Su doesn’t reply..
Yuv- Whats ur prob su? Do u wana get rid of me? Don’t u need me at all? Don’t u love me anymore?
Su screams- no..
Yuv holds her hands and says- look into my eyes and say it again..
Su- I don’t need to do it..
She leaves from there..
Sam- yuv.. Su must be feeling guilty even today.. That’s y she’s not yet ready to accept u back in her life.. U don’t worry, I’ll talk to her..
Yuv- no need sam.. She must realise the truth by herself..

Yuv goes to his room and locks it from inside..

Its stormy and thundering outside..
Su is sitting in a park and recalls her first meeting with yuv and the ups and downs that followed.. Tears are rolling down her cheeks..

Her phone rings.. Its pratima.. She tells her that yuvi had locked himself in the room 3 hours ago and he isn’t opening the door..
Su is shocked and says shez coming..

It starts raining heavily and she runs towards BH as she doesn’t get any auto..
She finds all r knocking at the door.. She too does the same.. But they don’t receive any response..
Su- sam plz break the door..
Sam and sau break it and the find yuvi lying on the bed and has written suhani’s name on his nerves with knife.. The room was flooded with blood..
All r shocked.. They burst into tears..
Su tries to wake him up.. But he doesn’t.. She hugs him.. And finds a letter in his hand..
She reads it in mind:
“Maa.. I know u love me the most among ur sons.. But I’m sorry for taking this step.. I have my entire life to spend, but how will I live it? Without my wife? Without my son? They don’t need me.. Suhani doesn’t need me.. She thinks about everyone’s good except me.. What’s my fault?? When she left, I had compromised with my life for children coz I thought she would never come back.. I had forgot to live.. But she came back maa.. And she gave me a ray of hope, a reason to live again.. I fought, argued and broke ties with her, but never wanted her to leave me again.. And she knows it very well.. She knows that I still love her, I belong to her, my heart belongs to her, my life belongs to her.. But shez bent on leaving me.. How will I live like this?
Plz don’t blame her or anybody else for this step taken by me..”

PRECAP: Suhani’s confession and YuvAni’s reunion..

Guys the next epi will be the last epi of this ff and may be a lil lengthy too.. Hope u liked this epi.. 🙂

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    . Napsha sis… I hv no words.. Pls.. Don’t stop… Addd more yuvani scenes…… .. Pls…. This epi was really heart touching……
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    dont stop its too good

  3. Ruksy

    plz dont stop this enven if you can only do 1 episode in 1 or 2 weeks but plz
    dont stop its too good

  4. Nithu

    Its awsm…lovely bt pls dnt end i love ua ff soo much…dude ..

  5. I know Yuvraj won’t take such step he’s just faking his death and thinking when will Suhani confess me and I can clean this tomato ketchup and take a shower with my Suhani ???

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  7. Aqsxxh

    I am stunned… This epi was breath-taking! How amazing! I can’t believe its going to be over! I really can’t! This will be amazing… But can u continue it for a few epis extra and make Sam find a wife… I will be very very elated when I see Sam with someone who loves him x

  8. Epi fabulous.Yese yuvraj ko kahi nahi mil sakega. Actual story yuvi mein bahuth farak hain.Isliye ye bahuth alag story hai.We all know agar actual mein aisa kuch hua yuvi wlnt do this whatever the situation.

    1. Nithu

      If it really happn in current track…evry1 will shocked cause he loves to harm or hurt others ….bt he cant hurt himself

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  13. NAPSHa J

    I’m extremely sorry guyz but the next epi will be the last one of this ff.. It will be a lengthy one, almost equal to two epis in one.. Guyz I’m glad that u all really enjoyed it.. Its visible in ur comments.. Thanks a lot for ur reviews.. And for YuvAni scenes, u’ll get it in my other ff ‘destined to meet’..
    And if possible, I may share some short os/ss on yuvani too..
    Love u all.. 🙂 🙂

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Pls dont make the ending tragic…. Plssssss….

      1. NAPSHa J

        The ending will be a happy one.. 🙂

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