Yuvaan starts chasing Krishna and gets hold of her.. He gives the scarf to her.. She puts it on..
The goons see her from behind with the scarf and think shez that dark girl.. They try to take her away.. Yuvaan shouts for help.. Soumya sees and screams “Krishna….”

SuBhav ask her what happened..
She points her finger towards them and the trio run.. Yuvani also comes there..
Sam notices the goons staring at soumya.. He looks at her.. She tells them to leave Krishna and kidnap yuvani through gesture.. The goons nod.. Soumya sees sam observing her.. She pretends to cry in front of the goons and begs for kri..
The goons leave kri and slowly proceed towards yuvani.. But before they could even touch her, sam bashes them off.. They leave.. Soumya is worried..

Su- sam I think we should drop soumya, y&k safely first.. Sam nods..
They reach BH.. The kids open the door of the car and run inside.. SuBhav couldn’t leave and they too enter with soumya.. YuvAni have an eyelock..
Seeing the fear on on the kids’ faces, all ask what happened.. Suhani tells them.. All are shocked..
Yuvi- I’m sure sam must have done this to impress his girlfriend..
Su yells at him- mind ur language yuv.. He can’t do such a cheap thing..
Saurabh tells them to calm down and stay there for sometime.. They nod..
Sam is in the lawn.. He thinks whether he should tell the truth to su or not..
He sees her and goes to her.. He tells her everything.. Shez shocked..
Su- u must have misunderstood things.. Somu can’t do this..
Sam swears on yuvaan..
Su thinks- what to do and whom to trust.. Both r my friends.. And y will somu di this??
Sam- just keep an eye on soumya.. I’m sure she will try to take away yuvaan or yuvani somewhere with her..
Su nods..

Su tells prat that they will stay in BH for 2-3 days more.. Then they have to leave for Lucknow..
Yuvi looks on..
Somu is worried.. Su notices..

Next morning:
Soumya tells yuvani that they both will go for a movie and not to tell anyone about it.. Kri hears and leaves crying.. Yuvani asks why.. She says kri is scared coz of the goons that’s y.. Yuvani agrees..

Su sees kri crying.. She asks her and kri tells everything.. Su gets into thinking.. She says she will talk to soumya..

Its stormy outside..
Su goes to yuvi’s room and closes it..
He looks on.. She tells him everything..
Yuvi- so what do u want me to do? To trust him? No ways..
Su- yuvani won’t go with soumya..
Yuvi- y?? Shez her mother.. And u.. U trust this man and not ur childhood friend?
Su- yuv y will sam lie?
Yuv- oh ya.. Y will he lie.. Now u trust only ur sambhav.. Right?
Su- yuv.. Yuvani is my daughter too..
Yuv- just like u decide for yuvaan, I’ll decide for yuvani.. And I don’t need ur interference here.. Tell this to ur new lover too..
Su shouts- yuvrajj….
Yuv- don’t shout.. Just go from here..
Su- remember one thing yuv.. If anything happens to yuvani coz of u, I won’t ever forgive u and also wont allow u to even see yuvaan all ur life.. Mind it!!

Su leaves from there.. She opens the door and finds soumya..
Soumya- plz don’t create issues now.. I won’t go anywhere..
Yuvi- u go with yuvani.. (looking at su) I’ll see who stops u..
Su leaves..
Soumya smirks..

Su is worried and cries.. Sam says that he will follow soumya..

Soumya is about to leave when yuv says to take kri along.. She refuses but he insists.. She agrees.. SuBhav notice it..
Su- I think she won’t do anything in kri’s presence..

Soumya leaves with the kids and sam follows them.. They reach.. Therez still time for the movie to begin.. She tells them to wait, shez going to attend a call.. Sam follows her..
She tells the goons to do their work and all.. Sam makes a video.. He then recalls what she said and goes to the kids.. But yuvani isn’t there.. And kri is crying.. Soumya comes shedding crocodile tears and asks for yuvani.. Shez shocked to see sam there..
Sam- wherez yuvani?
Soumya- how will I know?
Sam shouts and tells her that he knows everything..
Sou- I don’t know what u’r saying..
Sam shows her the video clip.. She gets tensed and says- come I will take u there but plzz don’t show it to anyone..

She takes them to an old building at some distance.. They go upstairs.. She points towards a room.. Sam goes to open the door.. Just then, a goon comes from behind and hits him with a rod on his head.. He falls down..

Krishna has been watching all this happening is now thinking what to do.. She asks soumya to leave sam and yuvani but she refuses..

Suhani is worried at home.. She thinks to call sam and finds her phone switched off.. She turns it on and receives an mms from him.. The video clip.. Shez shocked..
She calls him.. His phone rings.. Soumya sees and picks it up..
Su- sam.. I just saw the clip.. Where r u? Plz come fast with y&k, then we will expose somu..
Soumya is stunned and thinks she can’t go back home..
Sou- fine suhani.. Now go and tell everyone.. I will call u after sometime.. And tell u what I want..
She hangs up..
Suhani is shocked to see this side of her best friend.. She cries badly..
Yuv comes with yuvaan happily.. Su fumes seeing him and yells at him.. She shows him the video and tells everything..
He is shocked..

Soumya sends her 2 video clips showing yuvani and sam.. Yuvani is in a dark room, she panics and cries for help.. Sam is tied and his head is bleeding very badly..
YuvAni are shocked..

Kri asks soumya y is she doing all these.. Sou explains in her own ways to convince her.. Kri thinks she will help y&s and free them..

Sou calls su and tells she wants the following:
>ownership of batra fashion house and su’s bungalow in Lucknow as she will now marry yuvi and stay in BH
>FD of 25 lakhs which yuvi wanted to make in kri’s name

YuvAni are shocked..

PRECAP: Sam gets paralysed..

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