Sam is resting in his room.. His phone rings.. Its suhani..
He picks up the phone and hears yuvaan crying..
Sam- yuvaan y r u crying?
Yuv- uncle, I got locked in the room beside mumma’s room.. And her phone was with me.. So I called u.. Please help me.. Its too dark here.. I’m scared..

Call gets disconnected..
Sam calls again but the phone is switched off.. He thinks what to do as he can’t get up.. Suddenly he recalls whatever happened with yuvani and gets teary-eyed.. He says to himself- I can’t let that happen with yuvaan now.. I need to get up..
He tries and tries and after half an hour, he steps out of his room.. He hears yuvaan knocking at the door from inside.. He manages to reach there and opens the door..
Sam- champ.. R u ok??
Yuv- uncle.. I’m fine..
They hug each other..
YuvAni and others gather around them..
Suhani congratulates sam and tells about the plan..
Sam looks at his feet.. He couldn’t believe.. He thanks her.. Su tells it was yuvi’s plan.. He thanks him and they share a hug..

Su tells him to take rest and keep walking from time to time.. He nods and leaves with yuvaan..

At night, suhani wakes up and turns her laptop on.. She opens her journal and writes:
“Today i’m very happy as sam has finally been able to walk on his own feet.. But I still remember the day when things started to worsen..


After suhani agrees to marry sambhav, YuvAni have a heated argument and yuvi leaves from there.. Soumya turns to go back to her room when dadi says- where r u going? Pack ur stuff and leave this house with ur daughter within an hour..
All are shocked..
Suhani interrupts supporting soumya..
Dadi tells her not to interfere in their family matter..
Soumya says- please dadi.. Don’t do this to us.. Where will we go? And yuvani needs me..
Dadi (angrily)- shut up!! How dare u hide this truth from me for years?? And u don’t need to worry for yuvani.. We will take care of her..
Saying this, she leaves from there..
Soumya goes to her room.. Suhani calls her name but she doesn’t listen..
Soumya sees yuvi sitting in the room and thinks- I need to convince yuvi for myself and my daughter’s future..
She starts shedding crocodile tears and tells him- u have just one hour.. If u want, u can spend time with Krishna..
Yuvi (confused)- I didn’t get u..
Soumya tells him everything..
Yuvi is shocked.. He goes to dadi..
Suhani, who is at the door, heard everything.. She comes to soumya and hugs her..

Dadi- I don’t wana talk about soumya and Krishna..
Yuvi- dadi, I had taken up their responsibility and now I can’t let them go like this.. And soumya has done a lot for us in these years..

All wait for dadi and yuvi to come out.. Finally they come..
Dadi- u can stay here for a week more.. Till then u decide what to do after that..
Dadi leaves from there..
Saurabh- don’t worry soumya, we r with u..
She thanks him..
SuBhav leave with yuvaan who was playing with Y&K in the garden all the while..
FB ends..

Suhani shuts down her laptop and goes to sleep..
Krishna wakes up late night screaming “mummaaaaaa”….

Scene shifts to jail where soumya too screams “krishnaaaaa”….
She finds herself behind the bars and sees the other prisoners sleeping..
She cries and says to herself- I deserve this.. I always trusted people who used me to fulfil their motives and harmed the ones who always loved me and truly cared for me unconditionally..


Soumya thinks- one week isn’t sufficient to start a new life.. I thought yuvi will let me stay here forever.. But no.. Now I can’t trust anybody..
She calls some goons..

In the evening:
Soumya- yuvani beta, will u go to park with me today?
Yuvani agrees..
Yuvani goes to krishna also and convinces her.. They think they should call yuvaan too..
They call yuvaan and tell him about their plan.. Yuvaan agrees..
Yuvaan- mumma.. I’m going to a park in the evening with soumya aunty, Y & K..
su- but how will u go there?
Sam- I will take both of u there..
Su- but sam……
Sam- I won’t hear anything..
Yuvaan hugs sam and su smiles seeing them..

In the evening:
Soumya- yuvani, r u ready?
Shez shocked to see both Y&K ready..
Sou- kri where r u going?
Kri- to the park..
Yuvani- and we have a surprise for u..
They hold her hands and drag her..
She can’t understand what to do..

In the park:
Soumya is shocked to see SuBhav and yuvaan coming towards them.. They greet each other and the kids leave to play..
Soumya looks around.. She sees the goons waiting…
She texts one of them- 2 lil girls r playing with a lil boy and they have to kidnap the dark girl with a red scarf..
And then she smirks..

The kids play.. They are running.. Yuvaan chases yuvani.. He almost catches her but she escapes, and he gets hold of her scarf..
The goons look around for a dark girl with a red scarf, but find none..
There soumya is worried whether she will succeed in her plan..

PRECAP: What happened with yuvani and how sam got paralysed…

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