Rags is reading a magazine.. Menka comes there smiling.. Rags gets irritated..
Menka- jiji, do u think suhani jiji will agree to marry?
Rags- Even God can’t answer this.. Ask ur suhani jiji directly..
Menka- u’r right jiji.. And then we will plan for opposite of what she wants..
Rags- shut up menka.. If anything wrong happens, yuvi won’t spare us..
Menka- hmmm.. U’r right jiji.. It has been a month he didn’t talk to dadi.. Coz she brought Barbie here to separate YuvAni..

Yuvi is jogging and recalls this from the past:
Su- yuv y will sam lie?
Yuv- oh ya.. Y will he lie.. Now u trust only ur sambhav.. Right?
Su- yuv.. Yuvani is my daughter too..
Yuv- just like u decide for yuvaan, I’ll decide for yuvani.. And I don’t need ur interference here.. Tell this to ur new lover too..
Su shouts- yuvrajj….
Yuv- don’t shout.. Just go from here..
Su- remember one thing yuv.. If anything happens to yuvani coz of u, I won’t ever forgive u and also wont allow u to even see yuvaan all ur life.. Mind it!!

I wish I had trusted sambhav.. But I didn’t.. Just coz he was too close to yuvaan and suhani and was about to get married to her.. I was so lost in my anger and ego issues.. I hated him so much.. Unknowingly I even risked yuvani’s life!!
Even sam’s condition today is coz of me.. And still he freed her after getting engaged to her and gave her hand in mine!!
And said that he would like to see us getting married happily once again.. But she refused as she wanted sam to stand on his own feet first.. And then think over this topic..
I don’t know whoz right for her- me or sam.. But yeah, if she will choose him, I won’t come in her way..

Suhani is cleaning her cupboard.. A pic falls from her stuff.. She picks it up and sees; its her pic with soumya.. She recalls their bonding and then soumya’s betrayal.. She gets teary-eyed and tears the pic..
She says (in mind)- soumya.. I will always be grateful to u for giving mother’s love to my daughter in my absence.. But whatever u have done after my return, I won’t ever forgive u for that!!

Few days pass by..

All are having dinner..
Ramesh takes dadi’s food to her room as usual..
Suhani brings sam in his wheel-chair and serves him..
He tells her to sit.. Only one chair was left and that was between SambRaj..
Menka notices this and says in her usual tone- suhani jiji, it has been more than a month and u’r still struck between yuvraj bhaiya and sambhav.. Choose one and free the other..
Rags smirks..
SambRaj, prat and saurav and suhani look angrily..
Suhani asks her to shut up..
Menka makes faces..

After dinner, suhani goes to the lawn and sees the kids playing there..
Yuv looks for suhani and reaches the lawn..
He comes towards her and says- suhani I know u’r worried about yuvani.. And…….
Suhani interrupts- sambhav too!!
Yuv looks on..
Su- Days have passed by, but sam is……. And yuvani.. Shez still scared of darkness..
Yuv- hmmm…. Sam needs a trigger that will force him to get up.. And I have a plan by which he will also probably recover..
He discusses his plan..
Yuv- so.. R u with me?
Su nods..
They include yuvaan too..

PRECAP: Sam recovers; and flashbacks..

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. πŸ™‚

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