Suhani leaves the room and collides with yuvi..
Yuv- suhani.. Howz sambhav now?
Su- hez fine..
She turns to leave.. He holds her hand..
Yuv- have u thought about it?
Su turns back and says- how can u be so mean yuv?? Just look at his condition..
Yuv- but suha…….
Su interrupts- yuv plz.. I don’t wana talk about it.. Now I just want sam to recover..
She leaves..
Yuv comes to Sam’s room..
Yuv- sam..
Sam- arey yuv.. Come.. Sit..
Yuv- su told u’r feeling better.. Hope u will get well soon..
Sam- I know y r u saying this..
Yuv- no.. Nothing like that..

Suhani comes there..
Sam- teacher ji came..
Su smiles and says- get ready for practice.. U have to walk..
Sam- leave today na..
Su- no.. It has been just 4 days that u have walked a lil with my support.. U should continue..
Sam- ok baba.. Really u’r miss stubborn..
Su- sambhav……..

All the while, yuvi is quiet and thinks whether she will be able to give time to him..
Su helps sam to get up.. He puts his feet on the floor and manages to walk 2 steps and is about to fall when su holds him.. YuvAni look at each other and yuvi leaves from there..
SuBhav continue with the practice..
Sam- su I know what u’r thinking?
Su- sam plz..
Sam- su I can read ur eyes.. And his too.. Both of u need each other.. Yuvani needs both of u.. Then y do u ignore him?
Su- coz even today I remember that fear on yuvani’s face..
Sam- but………
Su- we will talk about it later..

In the evening, the kids are playing.. Light goes off and yuvani starts getting fits.. She screams- mummy…..papa…..andhera…..
Suhani comes there and gets worried.. She consoles yuvani..
Yuv walks towards them but su shouts- stay away from my daughter.. U’r responsible for her condition..
Yuv gets teary-eyed and says- I know suhani, but now she needs me..
Su cries and says- she doesn’t need u.. U go from here..
He leaves.. She takes yuvani to her room..
Yuvaan comes there with krishna and asks- mumma y does she behave like this all of a sudden?
She says- coz shez scared of darkness..
Yuvaan laughs..
Su closes her eyes and recalls opening the door of a room.. It was completely dark and yuvani was lying unconscious.. She shakes her calling out her name.. And yuvani still screams- mumma….. Papa… Plz take me out…..
And she faints..
Su opens her eyez..

Krishna says- don’t worry aunty.. I will help yuvani.. She will get well soon..
She holds her hand..

Suhani is right.. I’m responsible for yuvani’s state.. And may be, for Sam’s too.. I have always been a wrong judge of people.. I don’t deserve good relations.. But still I get them and I don’t value when I have them.. Y is it so?
People have used me as per their convenience and requirements.. Nobody ever valued what I felt, what I wanted.. Except a few, whom I didn’t value!!
Of late, I have realised that my entire life was a joke!!

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  1. Aqsxxh

    I have nothing to say Napsha! ITS AMAZING HATS OFF!

  2. Aqsxxh

    I wonder what happened to Sambhav…

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    It is Perfect and loved it very much….
    And pls continue

    1. NAPSHa J

      Sanaa, to be honest, I haven’t watched ssel from the beginning.. So there is no question of having watched the first epi.. :p
      But after reading ur comment, I will watch it for sure on hotstar..

    2. Wow Sanaa I never knew that! Like NAPSHaJ I haven’t been watching ssel from the beginning…. NAPSHaJ ur a genius!

    3. Nithu

      Evn i dint watch frm starting i saw ssel on the day before of their reception..

      1. NAPSHa J

        And I watched after their wedding when suhani slept on the floor..

      2. I watched every episode of ssel from the the first untill now .

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    Thanks guys.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Really gud

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      If u know anybody there, u can recommend my name.. :p

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    i read this ff from episode 1 and its wmazing

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