Guys this is NAPSHa J.. And I’m too unhappy with the current track and so I have put a pause on my current ff DESTINED TO MEET for sometime..

I can’t say now how many epis will be there or how long it will continue.. I will stop it if Sambhav is back and the jealousy track also begins.. Till then u can enjoy that here..

This ff will continue after epi on 30.05.2016….

Maa was right.. I should talk to suhani.. I proceeded towards the outhouse but saw her in the lawn.. Uncontrollable tears were flowing from her eyes.. My eyes too got teary..
Me- suhani..
Su turned and looked at me with HATRED!! And then she again turned back.. I knew I have hurt her a lot..
Me- suha….
She walked away..
I followed her and held her arms and turned her towards me..
Su- what the hell do u want from me YB? Just say it.. I will give u.. But dont dare to snatch yuvaan from me.. And yes, tomorrow I will leave not only BH, but also Allahabad, forever and that too before sunrise..

I felt my world rotate a 360 degree angle.. If she leaves again, I will lose her forever!!
Me- suhani, I have come to say that nobody will snatch yuvaan from u, and I assure u that..
She looked at me with hope, like she still trusts me..
I continued- but plz, stay here till the vacations so that I can spend some more time with yuvaan..
She nodded.. I gave a sigh of relief.. She left..

Next morning, as I opened my eyes, Yuvaan wasn’t there!!
So it was all yb’s plan to snatch him from me..
I proceeded towards BH in anger, and met Bhawana di on my way.. She said that yuvaan was having breakfast.. I gave a sigh of relief.. She asked me also to join them..
Me- I will have shower and then have it in the outhouse only..
Suddenly somebody put his hands on my eyes from behind and said, then cook for me too..
Me- Sambhav!! U here??
Di- yes.. Actually he came with us only but due to some work he couldn’t meet u yesterday..
Me- but where are u staying?
Sam- yesterday I stayed in a hotel..
Di- but now he will stay in BH.. Did u bring ur stuff?
Sam- yes..
Me- di……
I took her to a side and said- di I don’t want him to know anything.. So let him stay in the hotel only..
Di- he will not know anything coz i have told him that its my in-laws place..
I couldn’t understand what to do.. So I let it be..

Yuvaan is enjoying breakfast.. He is really very well grown up.. And credit goes to his mumma.. I smiled on thinking about her..
Yuvaan- maasi when will mumma join us for breakfast?
Bh- she is having breakfast in the outhouse with Sambhav..
I looked on..
Dadi- whoz sambhav..?
Yuvaan- hez my mumma’s friend.. And mine too.. Hez very cute.. And he always makes her smile whenever shez sad..

Hearing all these, I left from there..
I went to the outhouse, but didn’t enter.. I just peeped in..
Hez the same guy I had met in Lucknow..

They were almost done with the breakfast..
Sam- suhani u’r really an awesome cook..
She smiled..
Sam- thanks for the wonderful breakfast..
Su- ur welcome..
He then went inside and brought a bouquet for her..
Sam- its my way of thanking a beautiful lady for the wonderful breakfast..
She accepted it and said smiling- thanks a lot sambhav.. For cheering me up.. U’r a great friend..
Sam took her hands and said- I’m always with u..
She smiled.. He took out his camera and clicked her pic..
Su- sambhav again u started..

I was feeling suffocated..
I turned to leave when sam called me “hey chocolaty face”.. I fumed and turned to see.. Suhani looked at me and then at sam..
Su- what did u say? Chocolaty face?
She was laughing like anything.. She was happy.. I too smiled seeing her happy..
Sam came to me- yuvraj birla, right?
Me- yup..
Su- come, I will introduce u to everyone..
They left..

They are just friends.. Then y m I feeling so uncomfortable.. I recalled blaming suhani and breaking all ties with her.. I was feeling insecure.. I had the fear of losing something, oops… Someone.. I felt sambhav will snatch away my suhani from me.. I mean, suhani from…….

Suhani introduced sam to everyone..
Sam- u didn’t introduce me to yuvraj..
Me and suhani looked on..
Su- u have already met him..
Sam- still.. Ok tell me the relation between both of u..
We looked at each other..
Me- sambhav wo……
Su interrupted and said- hez soumya’s hubby..
I was hurt..

Sam- so u r jija-saali.. Right?
Hearing this, suhani left from there..
I felt like punching him hard..
I said- we are friends..

Guys did u all enjoy it?? Plz comment and let me know..

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  1. Superb we want more suhani and sambhav scene so that we can see yuvi jealously….its kinda funny

  2. Happy to see yuvi jealous .. awesome …

  3. I like it.bcoz like you i dont like current track .

  4. Soo nyc i wish it shd be da same in the current track

  5. wow nice

  6. Its nice keep continue…

  7. Enjoy to the core. And pls don’t pause Destined to meet. I really lov it.

    1. Ya u can write it side by side pls

  8. It’s very good compared to the current track.Keep writing..

  9. of course enjoying… may be the story writtr of ssel ill see ur story.. it help full to lead the show very well

  10. Really nice fanfic pls don’t stop n do it a regular update
    N really liked d part jija-saali part
    Yuvraj would be like
    pff ? aadhi gharwali
    Pls ? she’s my full gharwali
    So back off Sambhav

  11. Its awesomeeeeeeeeeeee darling???✌

  12. Nice one pls continue am d I request to to continue destiny to meet becoz that my fav ff

  13. Thank u soooo much friends for appreciating this ff as well as DESTINED TO MEET.. after reading ur comments, I feel so encouraged.. I will try to continue both simultaneously.. But it will take time.. Posting may be delayed, but I will try.. πŸ™‚

  14. Hey I m a silent reader and might not always be able to comment .
    But you did a great job and plzz continue?????

  15. this is just the perfect episode to be telecasted right now………..dunno where the dumb directors r taking the story…please do pay attention to viewers likes and dislikes too no?

  16. this is just the perfect episode to be telecasted right now………..dunno where the dumb directors r taking the story…please do pay attention to viewers likes and dislikes too no??/

  17. Kopal Agrawal

    You are a saviour. In this famine struck track of SSEL where we are not even getting a single glimpse of SUBHAV.. your FF is like Rain.Thank you so much Dear. please don’t stop

  18. I will try to keep it go on.. Thanks a lot friends.. πŸ™‚

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