Jealousy (os) & Authors note

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‘He proposed me.’ Maya said jumping n dancing. ‘Who??’ I said being confused. ‘My love.’ W-H-A-T Maya has a boyfriend n she even didn’t tell me. ‘Who?’ I said folding my arms. ‘Kunj.’ She shouted at the top of her voice. Hearing the name I broke down. Kunj proposed Maya. ‘Kunj’ this name echoed inside me. Twinkle u should be happy ur best friend got her love but why am I not happy. I don’t know. ‘What should I wear for the party tonight. I should look gud u know. So will u help me chose the dress.’ She said with a million dollars smile. That smile is very precious but why am I not happy. What has happened to me. Twinkle it’s nothing like that. ‘Stay calm. I will help u.’ I said with a smile which was not natural. I was telling her to stay calm but instead I was the one who was not able to stay calm. She took out all her dresses from the cupboard n spreaded it on the bed. ‘Ummm this once nice but not that gud.’ She said picking up a purple gown. She was busy criticizing the dresses n I was there trying to comprehend what was going on inside me. ‘Twinkle help me.’ Maya said shaking me gently. ‘Hmm.’ ‘How about this one.’she said picking up a black color mock neck dress. ‘Ok.’ I said. ‘This once final n shoes.’ picking up a pencil hill. ‘Umm not that gud.’ putting it down, she picked up another shoe. ‘How about this.’ I was unknown about the feeling going on inside me. My blood was boiling. I couldn’t take it any longer. I just left the room n slammed the door. I took a taxi. I don’t know what happened to me. My heart felt heavy. Tears were automatically forming in my eyes. I tried hard to stop the tears. ‘Ma’am where should I drop u?’ The driver asked. I told him the address. My voice was trembling even while saying the address. All the way back home I was sobbing silently. I don’t know why I was sobbing but the fact that kunj proposed maya was indigestible for me. My phone buzzed. It showed the name kunj. I cut the call n silently sobbed. The phone rang once again this time also I cut the call. It kept ringing I kept cutting. I then switched it off. I didn’t know what was happening to me. ‘Ma’am here u r.’ The driver said. I immediately wiped my tears n gave the driver his fee. I opened the door n rushed towards my house. I heard the driver say,’Love is beautiful but painful as well.’ 

The party was going on in full swing but there was no sign of kunj n maya. My blood was boiling. I just couldn’t take it any longer. The clock stroke ten just then maya n kunj arrived. They entered the party hand in hand. I was hell angry. They noticed me but ignored me. My heart felt heavy. I remembered the driver’s word’ Love is beautiful but painful as well.’ Am I in love? I questioned myself but I didn’t have an answer to it.

Twinkle it’s just attraction nothing else. I tried convincing myself but still my heart felt heavy. My eyes were teary but however I controlled my tears. The melodious music sounded horrible. I didn’t like anything. I hadn’t had anything since morning but still I didn’t have appetite. When I had company I wanted to be alone n now when I am alone I want company. Why does this always happens to me??? I can’t comprehend what’s going on inside me.

My thoughts were disturbed when I saw maya n kunj dancing. Everyone were dancing n enjoying the party which really didn’t matter for me. The thing that really mattered was maya n kunj were dancing n they were so close. My blood again started boiling. My mind went blank. I guess I was jealous. At that very moment I wanted to kill maya. But I did nothing. I just stood still watching them. Maya went nearer to kunj n whispered something in his ear. I could not take it any longer. I headed towards them. They were still dancing. They saw me but ignored my presence. I don’t know what happened to me at that very moment. I grabbed kunj’s wrist n pulled him towards me. Maya was shocked by my behaviour but no one else did notice this. I then caught his hand n took him outside. ‘Hey Twinkle what happened something important.’ He said.
‘Now for talking with u I have to have an important topic.’ I said being miffed.
‘It’s nothing like that.’ He said.
‘U don’t need anyone except maya…not even me…u have forgotten our friendship.’ wiping my tears.
‘Chill yaar…it’s nothing like that.’

‘How can I chill?’ I said grabbing his collar.
‘Why r u behaving like this? What is your problem?’
‘What is my problem? I should be asking this to u. What is ur problem. U r ignoring me. U r behaving as if I mean nothing to u. U n maya r making me go mad.’ I said turning around. I really don’t know what I was speaking. My mind had gone blank.

‘Why is maya affecting u so much? Why do u want my attention? Why??? Hum apke hain kaun.’ He said turning me towards him. I remained silent. ‘Why??’ He said looking into my eyes. ‘Coz I love u.’ I shouted. ‘I love u Kunj.’ I said. Listening this he hugged me tightly. I too hugged him back. We have hugged each other many times but this one felt different. I felt so secure in his arms. ‘I love u too Twinkle.’ he said. What did I just say? I am in love…I am in love. I hugged him even more tightly. But then something struck my mind. I can’t break the heart of maya. I can’t. I broke the hug n took two steps back. ‘Adi I can’t love u. I can’t snatch the love of maya.’ I said as a tear drop rolled down my eyes. ‘Twinkle listen to me.’ He said taking a step towards me n continued,’Maya n I were just pretending. She was helping me to make u realise ur feeling. I am sorry. I know I hurted u n please don’t cry.’ wiping my tears with his thumb finger. ‘Means u guys were just pretending.’ He nodded in a ‘Yes.’


Hope u guys liked it…. Fingers crossed✌✌✌✌ I hope you guys would support me. Firstly thank u so much guys for making me feel so special n thank u so much aaru (siyaapa queen) for supporting me. I am discontinuing my fs love in rain. Please I am so sorry I didn’t  want to hurt u guys. Sorry bhootni(purvi), sohi, preshu n zoya. U guys had requested me to post my fs n I couldn’t  I am so sorry. But u must know one thing I am not leaving TU. May itni asani se tum logo ka peecha chodne wali nahi. N I am discontinuing my fs not becoz of less cmts or smwhat like that it’s  just coz of my studies. Please support me. A message for sia… I am very sorry sia I won’t  be able to take part in the os competition n regarding ur idea it was a blast. But if u want I can pen it down n simply post it….only if u r ok with it….sorry guys didn’t  mean to hurt anyone of u….

Again I am saying I am not leaving TU….I will just be irregular….i am very sorry…didn’t  mean to hurt anyone…

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome

    1. Twinj


  2. Sohi

    What u can’t do this to us aaku
    Plz don’t end ur ff like this plz
    If ur irregular also then we are ready to wait but plz don’t do this
    We are lacking good writers like you
    Plz at least u think of me as ur friend then u will not do this

    I understand studies are important but whenever u get time u post it even I’m ok with short updates but plz continue it

    And about the ff it was amazing and fabulous

    Do continue

    1. Twinj

      Hey sohi…
      I am very sorry yaar….I am compeled to discontinue it…I am sry….sry…I won’t be able to cont it but may os likha karungi…I won’t stop writing…yeh kesi baar huwi…u r my fren yaar n u will always be my fren but plzzz mere situation bhi toh samjho…plzzz maan jau…I won’t stop writing…I promise…..plzzz….sry…

    1. Twinj

      Thanks diii….love u????

  3. Rochika

    Hey yrrr firstly this os was fab awesome fantastic ??????????? and yrrr secondly i know studies are impostant but pleazzz its a request pleazzz don’t end your ff like this in the middle of nowhere …its ok that u will be irregular but pleazzz yrrr on TU we need writers like u many writers have left but pleazzz i am telling u don’t end your ff..And now its your friend’s order. Now its an order..ok don’t write ff regularly but when u r free u can write it..ok? uhh!!????

    1. Twinj

      Hey ruchi…
      I am so so so so sry….please try n understand I am compeled to discont my fs…I am really very sry…I won’t be able to cont it but I am not stopping to write…I will keep on writing os….plzzzz try n understand…I am very sry my friend…..I m sry….plzz try n understand….I will keep om writing…I m not leaving TU…plzzzz understand

      1. Rochika

        Ok kkk i understand your problem…i am with u..i just chill! And yeah never leave TU. Ok????????
        Love u!??

      2. Twinj

        Thank u thank u so much for understanding me n supporting me????????… thsnk u yhank u…means a lot…love u????

  4. Baby

    aaku plsss odnt leave ur fs in between atleast complete it……♥
    bt I wont say anything coz m also leaving m leaving tu bt still gotta study….♥
    love u ♥
    srsly luvd d os…..♥
    beautiful n emotionally cute ♥
    lods of love ♥♥♥

    1. Twinj

      Hey baby
      I am so sry…It’s not my wish but my compulsion…u know na it’s very hard to take both the things….I am sry….seriously very sry….best of luck yaar…aur mujhe bhool maat jana…

      1. Baby

        never yrr….♥ could we get in contact in any other manner….? 🙂

      2. Twinj

        yaa we can from TU that’s one n next from hangouts currently I am not using my fb n insta…are u there in hangouts

  5. P.....Secret

    Loved it..
    Ur decision..
    I m with u..
    Love u..

    1. Twinj

      Hey preshu
      Glad that u liked it….thank u thank u so much for supporting me…n I am seriously very sry…may cont nahi kar payi n I am happy u suported me…thank u preshu…thanks a lot….

      1. P.....Secret

        Love u too…
        Nd ha twinkle jealousy was worth reading

  6. Ramya

    Aaku os was fabulous
    But u r discontinuing it not fair
    I know studies are more more important
    But post when you get free time na
    If you are free only then
    Os was really awesome Amazing
    Love you keep smiling

    1. Twinj

      Hey Ramya
      I am really very sry I won’t be able to continue my fs….really very sorry…I have no other option but I will still be writingvos…sry…sry…sry….I am very sry…

  7. Reruru

    Aaku darlo!
    It was amazing. Twinkle’s jealousy was worth reading. I agree love is beautiful but painful as well. Maya’s character made the whole plot so good. I was so angry when I read the first line but as I proceeded the story became so interesting. Love it. U r just awesome. What!!!! u r discontinuing love in rain.Not fair enough.No u can’t do like this. U even didn’t tell me. Please cont. I know studies r imp but discont love in rain. Atleast post two three epis n end it. Please.

    1. Twinj

      Hey ru dii
      I am really very sry…I really won’t be able to cont it……sry diiii…sry…sry…I have no option but I will be writing os…I won’t stop writing….I am sry…

  8. Ayesha51

    amazingly os

    but di agar ap hum tu sis se thoda sa bhi pyaar karti ho
    to don’t do this

    I beg to u


    love u but now temporarily hate u


    1. Twinj

      Hey aayesha
      I am very sry….please don’t say like this…it hurts…please aayesha…please…I love u guys par may cont nahi kar paungi…aabhi toh bilkul nahi…plzzz try n understand but I will be writing os na…plzzzz… I amsry..

  9. Diiiiiii???
    You are going ??
    I am litteraly crying by now
    You know what I get very much attached with you from then when I joined TU
    I know studies are more important and you must concentrate on it but whenever you get time please post your fs
    I am very happy you are not leaving TU bus you are irregular but please keep giving only one chapter of your fs within a week or month please
    I love u to the core ?
    Well your os was fabuuuulous❤❤❤❤
    U nailed it di
    But please don’t leave us in the middle of nowhere
    Concentrate on your studies and come back with a bang
    Love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????
    Keep smiling ☺☺☺☺
    Take care

    1. Twinj

      Hey zoyu…
      ??? I am sorry…
      Iam sorry yaar I won’t be able to continue it…I am very bad tum logo ki itni si icha bhi puri nahi karpayi…
      sorry zoyu…sorry…but may likhna nahi chodungi…please understand???
      I am sorry..sorry

  10. amazing os fabulous fantastic os twinj?????

    yrr plz end mat karo apna ff plz twinj…..

    luv u ?????

    1. Twinj

      Glad that u liked it?????
      Sry yaar I have no other option…mujhe ff discont karna parega…sry…sry…
      Love u????….

  11. Nishuu

    Nice one

    1. Twinj

      Thanks nishu diii….

  12. Fantastic

    1. Twinj


  13. OK I like it actually it was awesome and I don’t have words to say.

    1. Twinj

      Thank u sia????
      N I am very sry…I won’t be able to take part in the os comp….

  14. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Os

    1. Twinj

      Thanks?????…love u??????

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