Jealous SSO rocks episode 9

Sorry guys for late actually I didn’t find any good content so I can’t write on this but now I have a good one I hope u all like it enjoy

Here’s is the last past
Episode 8

Actually shivaay wants a kiss from Anika but feel uncomfortable bcoz of her husband drunk state so she deny but they argue on that and Anika mistakenly slap shivaay and come out from the room

Anika sleep on pool side she wakes up with little hangover and she remember last night she come to room for take her clothes she finds shivaay is still sleeping so she take clothes but shivaay awakes with a great hangover still he doesn’t remember about last night he just saw his love infront of him

S- good morning Jaan
Anika didn’t reply
S- baby I said good morning to u
She again ignore him
He came out from the bed and come towards her
Hold her hand Anika also little relaxed
S- what happen did I do something wrong
A- u didn’t remember anything first remember then talk to me today is our marriage so get ready fast she leaves
Shivaay plays flashback of last night in his mind he find he want to kiss Anika but she Denys then she slaps
He feels disgusting and shameful on himself he gets ready and come down stairs Anika go to her for get ready to marriage shivaay hiddenly go to her room find her crying he lock the door take a stick in flower pot move towards Anika bend on knees and give stick to Anika and said

S- beat me whenever you want
A- why
S- bcoz I do wrong
A- u remember that
S- Yess
A- can I ask you something
S- why r u asking just said whatever you want to say
A- aap hamari night out me aaye chupkar anay Ko room me lock kr diya phir mujhse poochne lge I luv u or not kya hua shivaay Aisa kyu kr rhe h aap jbse anay aaya hai aap hamesha sad rehte h enjoy nhi krte jbki aapko to Khush hona chahiye u got a great deal what happen

S- koi bhi deal tumse badhkar to nhi h na Anika they both r having tears
Whenever I see you nd anay together I felt like I kill him I can’t bear to see u with anyone else I am burning in jealousy when u touch him he touch u he hugs u
A- why I luv u ,you know that I said to u I know you not love me we r just like a typical arrange marriage couple where women loves her husband but husband loves others wife but I know you are nothing like that but we r a typical couple whom first married then get physical for the baby I know everything now she pulls shivaay leg

S- Anika it’s nothing like that we r not like the typical arrange marriage couple whenever you doesn’t want I never touch u I promise but don’t say like that he bends his head down its my love towards u , I think u enjoyed in my arms so I hugged u ,I think that u love my touch I’m sorry but I love you Jaan l luv u

A- who said I didn’t like your touch iluv u to my baby it’s the only to confess u this from your mouth so I did this anay is like brother for me nd he is your sala nd u r his jija ji get that jaanu I know u never confessed like that so I planned this

S- you
A- I luv u
S- I love you too
A- come here
S- may I
A- hmm
He captured her lips and playing with each other tongues

Precap conclusion
I hope guys u r like it drop your comments and suggestions and spread your love post next part soon but there’s is a announcement next part is romantic so be careful

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